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Credit Saint Review 2021​

credit saint reviews

Our Rating: 4.9/5

One Minute Quick Review

Credit Saint is one of the top and most recommended credit repair companies to fix your credit score fast and quickly. It features a 90 days money-back guarantee and is one of the most transparent credit repair companies. 


The top features of Credit Saint are –

The best part about using Credit Saint is, they are capable of disputing stubborn negative items from your credit reports. With experts and in business for 16 years, Credit Saint has also maintained an A rating on BBB and removed almost 49 complaints in 18 months.


Cheaper plans, better service, and ranked #1 by almost all the credit repair experts in the industry; We believe Credit Saint is a go-to credit repair service.

boost credit scores with credit saint
Setup fee: $99-$195
Monthly fee: $80-$120

BBB Rating: A


Every third house in the United States of America has a credit score of fewer than 700 points, and it is concerning. The problem is that the citizens have no idea how to improve their credit scores or boost them. 


Let me break an interesting bubble for you; almost every credit report has at least one credit inaccuracy or negative item. It is common but makes a direct impact on how you financially build your future. Besides, that’s a total of 40 million credit reports, and most of these are filled with inaccuracies or negative items. 


If you have tried the Space Shuttle Strategy to improve your credit scores on your own and still feel like Credit Repair is not your cup of tea, you must check out Credit Saint


Credit Saint was first started in 2004 and is accredited with BBB in 2007. The 16 years of service has proven Credit Saint to be one of the best credit repairs in the industry. The founders of Credit Saint made their complete effort to ensure users’ credit scores are repaired faster and legally, and correctly. 


Credit Saint Founder

Ross LaPietra - Founder, CEO Credit Saint

Ross LaPietra is the Founder and CEO of one of the top credit repair companies in the industry. 


Credit Saint was first launched by Ross in 2004 and then accredited with BBB in 2007, and ever since then, there is no looking back. 


Mr. Ross has a simple belief; “we are a consumer-centric company,” which is why they have a 90-days full refund policy. So, basically, if Ross and his team cannot fix your credit report, they are not charging you the entire service. This is what legitimate consumer-centric companies should do.

3 Simple Steps to Get Your Credit Fixed Using Credit Saint

Credit Saint is an authentic and result-proven company, but are you unsure of how it works? The question is understandable as you are paying for the service and wish to know what is being done with your credit reports and how are credit scores being repaired.  

1. Credit Monitoring

Credit Saint’s first step is setting up your credit monitoring system. Most people do not track their credit reports and check their updated credit scores.


Credit Saint uses to monitor your credit scores and get updated points to act accordingly. 


If you are fixing credit scores on your own, you can also use myFICO, which is relatively cheaper and offer 24×7 credit monitoring with additional perks. 

credit monitoring
credit saint

2. Analysis of Credit Reports

A right analysis is one of the most important steps in fixing low credit scores. In the second step, the Credit Saint team goes over the specifics and checks for the items that damage your credit scores. Latter, they dispute those items and ensure there is a positive increase in your credit score. 


If you are running your own credit fix, you can use DisputeBee to generate automated credit dispute letters that work and generate them within seconds.

3. Optimising Reports

Fixing negative entries is not the only solution when it is about improving your credit score overall. In the last step, Credit Saint optimizes the reports by analyzing the positive credits and explaining how to improve your credit scores during the service and thereafter constantly.

The Space Shuttle Strategy | Exhaustive Credit Repair Guide to Fix your Credit Scores on Own, Fast, and Constantly.

analyzing credit reports

Credit Saint Features

It ranks as the #1 credit repair company for a list of reasons; the unmatched 90 days return policy is one of the distinguishing features that make it stand out in the crowd. 

Credit Repair in three simple steps? I know that’s questionable as there are a lot of factors that are to be considered, and credit repair is not that easy. As we have seen in The Space Shuttle Strategy, you need to correctly analyze credit reports, writing dispute letters, and keep track. All this is done by a team of credit experts, which makes it look easy.

However, it is also important to remember that no credit repair company can promise you to boost credit scores; the same goes with credit saint. This is not a negative mark on Credit Saint but the nature of the credit situation.

Here are some of the features of Credit Saint that makes it stand out – 

Credit Saint Features:


Clean Slate

Aggressiveness:Very High


$195.00 Initial work fee

Includes work associated with challenging unlimited inaccurately reporting items per dispute cycle.

Credit Remodel

Aggressiveness: High


$99.00 Initial work fee

Includes work associated with challenging 10 inaccurately reporting items per dispute cycle.

Credit Polish

Aggressiveness: Medium


$99.00 Initial work fee

Includes work associated with challenging 5 inaccurately reporting items per dispute cycle.

The Credit Polish Plan [Cheapest Option]

The Credit Polish package is one of the cheapest options to get negative credit removed from your report. The service cost is $79.99/Mo with an upfront/initial work fee of $99.00 with impressive features. Though it is one of the cheapest options, it includes a couple of the core features –

This plan is best for those who don’t have a major hit or low credit scores and works best for beginners or those who want to try Credit Saint services for the first time. You can upgrade plans later as per your requirements, and if you are not satisfied, you still have a 90 days money-back guarantee.

The Credit Remodel Plan [Best Option]

The most viable and best option is to go with the Credit Remodel Plan. With this package, you get access to all the core features but remember, you still don’t have the option for unlimited challenges and dispute cycles which is part of the Credit Slate plan.


The Credit Remodel service costs $99.99/Mo with an upfront/initial work fee of $99.00 with access to core features such as –

If you are among those who have a myFico score in the range of 600-700, this is the best go-to option. Unlike Credit Polish, you get access to all the Credit Saint features and see quick results and much-improved credit reports. 

Credit Slate Plan [Advanced & Popular Option]

Credit Slate may look like an expensive service on Credit Saint, but it is one of the most preferred and popular ones. With the Credit Slate plan, you get access to all the core features and additionally unlimited challenges and dispute cycles.

The benefit of the Credit Slate plan is you get all the services. It is one of the most popular and actionable plans that cost you $199.99/Mo and comes with an initial work fee of $195.00 and access to unlimited dispute cycles and challenges. Most recommended. 

Pros and Cons of Credit Saint



What People Say About Credit Saint

Credit Saint has impressed me so far! Joshua took the time to explain everything thoroughly and was super patient while dealing with a headset issue. He was knowledgeable and kind, and very efficient with our conversation. I am confident that he and their team will positively impact my scores and credit health.
– Lee

Credit Saint delivers high quality customer service. They thoroughly explain all the details and processes involved with their service and makes sure the right package is for you. Everything is smooth and nothing is forced. Gary was my professional assigned to me and I can say that I’m genuinely happy with the way he presented all the information and answered all of my questions in detail. Couldn’t be happier. Thanks Credit Saint.


– Marqui B

I was using the Saint Credit services for the first time and was very happy the way Joshua Lead specialist guided me through. Very detailed and informative explanation as we was able to answer all the questions i had. Thanks
– Rustam T
I received excellent and service from Ryan from Credit Saint. He spent over an hour with me explaining the programs to me and answering my questions. He was very patient, professional, and informative.
– Patrick V

Credit Saint Contact & Customer Service

Credit Saint is one of the best performing and one of the top credit repair companies in the industry. If you need to get in touch with Ross and or an expert from Credit Saint, here are ways to contact them.

Credit Saint Alternatives

There are several alternatives to Credit Saint, and each of them either has some positive or negative remarks. It is necessary to understand that none of the credit repair companies can promise an increase in the credit score. Apart from this, each credit report is different; some credit reports are easy to beautify while others are stubborn; In certain situations, a credit repair company may not be able to remove negative no matter how good and best the credit repair company. In such a case, We suggest you fix your credit score on your own using the Space Shuttle Strategy.

Credit Saint vs. The Credit People

The Credit People is one of the top competitions to Credit Saint with dozens of features and two packages. With an industry experience of 2 decades, The Credit People have fixed credit scores of thousands of satisfied customers. Apart from this, The Credit People has also managed with no recent complaints on BBB, making it one of the trustable services.

Why choose The Credit People – 

improve bad credit score

Credit Saint vs. Credit Firm

Credit Firm is one of the cheapest credit repair options for those who cannot afford credit repair service and still want quality work. The Credit Firm’s three major foundation pillars stand out from other credit repair companies; Assurance, Speed, and award-winning support. These traits have shown how dedicated is the professional team on Credit Firm. 

Why choose Credit Firm – 

the credit firm

Credit Saint vs. The Credit Fix Guy

One of the most underrated credit repair companies, The Credit Fix Guy, is a new but efficient credit repair company. A direct competition to Credit Saint, The Credit Fix Guy, is a perfect go-to option for you.


Disputes ready in as quick as 72 hours, The Credit Fix guy is recommended credit repair company. It has a simple fee structure, and there is no SSN required to get started. A few of the perks include free ebooks even though you have not applied for the credit fix program.


The Credit Fix Guy uses a simple three-step process and is also known for affordability, convenience, and safety. You can find dozens of video reviews from their successful clients.

The Credit Fix Guy

Fix Credit Score on Your Own

The Space Shuttle Strategy

If credit repair companies don’t work for you or if you have lost your faith in them or don’t want to invest in them, Check out the Space Shuttle Strategy.


The Space Shuttle Strategy is a two-step process; Reduce Weight (Remove Anomalies from Credit Reports) and Give a Boost (Improve Credit Scores Faster + Best Practices).


It is an exhaustive guide for those who want to fix credit scores on their own badly.

the space shuttle strategy


Credit Saint is one of the top-rated credit repair companies. With an experience of 16 years and a clean track of services, credit saint is a go-to company when you have a lot of negative entries or unappeasable credit reports. The most popular plan, “Credit Slate,” is loaded with core features that improve your credit scores fast and quickly. The 90 days money-back guarantee is something that no other credit companies offer. We highly suggest you check their plans and free credit consultation.