The Credit People

The Credit People

Boost Credit Scores from 53 Credit Points to 187 Credit Points in the first few weeks – Just Magical.

Key Notes and Features

COVID19 has made our finances go haywire, and a lot of people like you and me are troubled with bad credit scores. In such times, it is better to let the professionals handle the finances and improve credit scores; One such professional is The Credit People that have managed to fix credit disputes in the least time possible. The Credit People has been one of the oldest credit repair companies, and there are positive and great impacts that we have seen over the years. It is one of our top recommendations in the Best Credit Repair Companies, and there is so much more than only fixing the credit scores. With the least pricing, if The Credit People fails to fix your credit score, there is a refund policy, and you are not losing any money. But let’s talk more about why “The Credit People” is one of the best credit repair companies.

Overview of The Credit People

The Credit People started in 1999, serving financial help for people such as debt validation, inquiry, and other finance related issues. In the following years, they had also broadened addressing issues like low credit scores. 

The Credit People being in the credit repair business for almost 2 decades, and after our series of tests and research, we can honestly say it is one of the best credit repair companies that we have come across. The team is full of professionals who know how to handle different credit summaries and faults to improve credit score. Though there are not many good reviews or ratings on the BBB and consumer affairs, The Credit People still manages to live up to its name. The reason which is speculated for a bad BBB rating is lack of professional help, which is now likely fixed as there are no recent complaints or bad reviews about The Credit People. 

We called The Credit People to check if they were legitimate, and one of our Credit Repair Expert/Source had a one to one conversation with the professional on the other end. We were amazed to have a meaningful and genuine conversation, and the professionals were well mannered and addressed all the queries. This built our trust more in The Credit People. 

Get 3-bureau reports (updated quarterly) + 24×7 Credit and Identity monitoring + $1m Identity Theft Insurance at Unbelievable Price. ($29.95/Mo)

In our series of tests, we found The Credit People having one of the best professional teams. Unlike most of the other Credit Repair Companies, The Credit People did not have an automated call service that forwarded the call; the professionals attend the calls. You can ask them any credit repair query irrespective of buying or not buying their services. 

Having low credit scores is a reflection of bad finances and none can afford it in such times where the world is battling the COVID19 pandemic. The wise decision to manage your personal finance and we have a dedicated set of resources for it on our website. 


Trusted over a hundred thousands of users worldwide, The Credit People reflects results in a lesser time, as less than 60 days. This credit repair company is known for exceptional customer satisfaction and the best service.

Despite having a low BBB credit score, it has managed to back some great insights –

The Credit People allows you to monitor changes in the credit scores reflected by the efforts of the professionals. With The Credit People, User’s get access to a dedicated dashboard with all the reports and changes. One of the significant points to notice is all three credit scores and credit reports are improved at once. The in-detail report and analysis help the professionals and users to take actionable credit steps and boost the credit scores. 

Once the negative items are found on your credit summary, the professionals write dispute and goodwill letters to get those items to remove from your credit report. The Credit People writes goodwill and dispute letters to creditors, bureaus, collectors, and other departments and authorities. 

Want to create automated dispute letters for your credit report and track them? 

How The Credit People Works?

There is a simple process to start with fixing your credit report on The Credit People. The first step is to get your credit scores and reports from all three bureaus. You can get them free in any of The Credit People packages. Once the credit summary and reports are generated, the credit repair experts and professionals check each entry for negative or inappropriate items. After listing them all, the experts write organised dispute and goodwill letters to remove such items.

The dispute and goodwill letters take time. By the end of 60 days, you can find reliefs in your credit report. 

Pros and Cons


There are two straight forward pricing schemes on The Credit People that the users can choose as per the need. If the users wish, they can upgrade or downgrade their plans at the beginning of each renewal period. One of the benefits of using The Credit People is you can ask for refunds if you are not satisfied with the service, but a certain charge shall be deducted for the services provided. The cost of The Credit People starts at $19 (Steup – first work fees) in the beginning and then $79 per month. If you wish to save long, you can for a flat-rate charge of $419 for the six-month program.



Credit People is one of the top credit repair companies on the list, and there is so much that it provides. We give it a whooping rating of 4.7/5 and highly recommend you to check it out. 


“I had been with another company in the past that was charging me and I was doing most of the work. You took care of everything for me and got me great results too.”
Stacy R
Review on The Credit People
“I’m very pleased with the service, my credit was in bad shape. I’m about to close on a house. The service is excellent and fast.”
Cedric W
Review on The Credit people
“I can't believe what you've done. I am not the easiest person to reach and I'm definitely not the most organized (which is why I went with your company honestly) but you managed to raise my credit score by 72 points, so I'm happy!”
Mike G
Review on The Credit People

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