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Credit Repair is one of the most effective businesses; it is easy to make money and with less effort. All you need is white label credit repair software that automates the process, and you are good to go. But which is the best white label credit software, and how can you use it? There are many questions, and we know this is a fatiguing process, but there is one credit repair software that will do the job for you: Credit Repair Cloud.

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Credit Repair Cloud – The Best White Label Credit Repair Software

Credit Repair Cloud is one of the best platforms to start your white label credit repair business. A private or white label business is where you run a business using software but with your own branding and marketing. In a white label business, the individual or a group of people can use software or service with their own branding.

What is Credit Repair Cloud?

Credit Repair Cloud is an industry-dominant and growing company that helps Entrepreneurs start their own credit repair businesses. It offers software, systems, and strategies to start your own credit repair business.

Active UsersImproved credit itemsRevenueNumber of Millionaires

When you join Credit Repair Cloud, you get free training. You are taught how to bring more clients, improve credit scores, and generate revenue in this training. Apart from this, you can also join the Start Repairing Credit Challenge, which we will discuss in the latter part of this article.

Features of Credit Repair Cloud

Wondering if Credit Repair Cloud is the best white label credit repair software for you? It is obvious to have this thought. How would anyone conclude without knowing the features and using them? Credit Repair Cloud offers a 1-month free trial before you start your own credit repair company.

  • Import online credit reports
  • Credit dispute automation
  • 1-Click credit audit
  • Batch printing
  • Client and affiliate portal
  • Client signature capture
  • Payment integration
  • CRM Features
  • KPI business dashboard
  • Affiliate tools
  • Complete dispute library
  • Capture leads and Signups
  • Import clients and leads
  • Two months of free web hosting
  • Developer API
  • Client onboarding
  • Dedicated support

New Features Added with Credit Repair Cloud 2.0

The Credit Repair Cloud has several benefits as a white label credit repair business; it is loaded with features that will make it easy for you.

Like DisputeBee (automatic dispute letter generating software), Credit Repair Cloud also allows you to import credit reports quickly. You don’t have to create a database manually; import them using a single click. You can then start a dispute automation process for several dispute types, such as dispute letters for 609, creditors, and more.

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You can charge your client directly through the software using payment integration and access affiliate tools. This way, you will also earn through the affiliates in your credit repair business.

There are other amazing features such as 2-months of free web hosting, client onboarding, a dedicated dashboard with an organized dispute library, and a few more. This makes running your credit repair business easier, and everything can be done from home.

When the business is growing, you can add a few members at a minimal price and multiply your business. This is one of the secrets of 38+ millionaires that the credit repair cloud has produced.

How the Credit Repair Cloud Works

Once you register for one of the Credit Repair Cloud plans, you instantly access the white label credit repair software. Login using your credentials, and then you can instantly import the credit reports with a single click.

You can set the other features and tools on your Credit Repair Cloud software, such as payment integration and affiliate leads, before continuing further.

private label credit repair software

You can then use hundreds of dispute letter templates to create disputes for your clients. It is important to analyze the credit reports correctly; you can use the Space Shuttle Strategy to correctly analyze the credit reports. It is one of the proven and reliable credit repair guides curated by the founder of Investographer.

The next step is to take the Start Repairing Credit Challenge, where the experts coach you on how to get your first credit repair client and how to scale the entire process. This is the exact credit hero challenge using which the Credit Repair Cloud has generated more than 38+ Millionaires.

Learn With Credit Repair Course

Credit Repair Cloud has launched its “Start Repairing Credit” challenge, which is a 5-day course to learn how to improve credit scores and create your own credit repair business from scratch.

Credit Repair Cloud 2.0 is Here

Credit Repair Cloud is now much more improvised, making your white label white credit repair software the best choice. 

Many additional features of CRC 2.0 boost the entire credit repair process and SAVE A LOT OF TIME.

Let’s discuss all these newly added features with Credit Repair Cloud 2.0,

1. A Clean and Desirable Interface

Credit Repair Cloud did have a bit of an outdated interface, but thanks to the 2.0 version, which now has a much sleeker and better interface. You can now say Credit Repair Cloud 2.0 is pretty modern and on point. 

When I say on point, it means you can find much more precise and better reports, create clients, invoices, messages, and everything else is easily accessible from the dashboard. In other terms, you don’t have to invest your time in looking for all the options; you can find them all without much effort.

2. Sending and Tracking Dispute Letters Now Made Easy

One of the most significant tasks in the credit disputing process is writing a credit dispute letter. 

There are so many misconceptions about credit disputing, so dispute letters do not work. One common misconception is that you must mention the faulty transactions and send them to the credit bureaus; the disputing process is done. 

However, this is not true; you need to be sure of what you send to the credit bureaus and later track the progress. Usually, credit bureaus don’t respond to or reject letters that do not have sufficient evidence. In such a case, monitoring dispute letters and resending them becomes crucial. 

The CloudMail feature in Credit Repair Cloud 2.0 ensures that the entire disputing process is easy for you. 

Automated Printing and Mailing 

We often spend hours together creating a perfect disputing letter and then drive all the way long to mail it. 

Credit Repair Cloud 2.0 does the entire creating to monitoring dispute letters process for you. Once you import your credit history, you can select the faulty records and adjust the mailing address. 

CRC 2.0 then creates the dispute letter for you and mails it to the appropriate credit bureau. In the meantime, before creating and sending the mail from your end, your address is verified to ensure you get the reply, and the entire process can be monitored. 

CloudMail Dispute Letter

We always recommend you post your dispute letters rather than mailing them to credit bureaus. And that’s what Credit Repair Cloud 2.0 does; your mails are posted, and the entire process is right in front of you.

But does that mean you can’t make changes to the dispute letter?

Credit Dispute Letter in Credit Repair Cloud

No, you can make the adjustments and customizations as per your need. For instance, you can adjust the mail class (standard, first-class, or certified), set the paper color, print single/double-sided, etc. 

Process Hundreds of Letters in Seconds

When you run a credit repair business, you need to create hundreds of letters together; now, that’s a LOT OF WORK TO DO!! 

Well, not with Credit Repair Cloud 2.0; here, you can create hundreds of credit dispute letters within a few seconds.

This also means CRC 2.0 allows you to print dispute mails in batch, and you can check the progress of each mail in the notification bar. This progress includes a detailed report alongside huge savings on dispute letters.


CloudMail starts at $0.80 and can go up to $5 on average; the price of the type of mail you choose is entirely dependent on you. 

Send Dispute Letters in Batch

Running a credit repair company is not easy unless you use powerful credit repair software such as Credit Repair Cloud. 

Usually, a credit repair company writes thousands of credit dispute letters for their clients. However, that’s quite traditional and time-consuming. 

Credit Repair Cloud 2.0 is pretty modern and does save you hours of your time. With this white label credit repair software, users can easily send dispute letters in batches, and you can track them live. Additionally, you can send all the credit dispute letters using the CloudMail feature with only a single click. 

Create Credit Dispute Letters in bulk

Besides, a notification bar shows you the progress of each credit dispute letter for ease of organizing and managing.

3. Credit Hero Score – Solving your Biggest Credit Report Problem

There are many ways to measure your credit score metrics, including the FICO score, Vantage, or any other credit score metrics. Credit Hero Score is one of the newest score inventions by Credit Repair Cloud, which makes credit monitoring easier. Credit Hero Score also solves other credit report problems, such as importing and re-importing reports, items showing up as deleted and re-added in the same report, and password management for each client. Let’s discuss all of this in detail. 

No More Password Drama

Earlier, there was a common problem among the Credit Repair Cloud clients. As a white label credit repair business, you had to manually enter the username and password to access the client dashboard, and this was a REAL MESS!!

If you had a few hundred clients, it would become super tricky for you to remember the username and password for each client. 

With Credit Repair Cloud 2.0, you can access the individual client dashboard directly through your personal dashboard. So, all you need to do is login into your account and get all the analytics and dashboard data of your clients hassle-free. The login information is by default present there, making it easier to access for you. 

Cleaner Importing and Reimporting of Credit Reports

Usually, with most private label credit repair software, you make the changes once you import the credit reports, but these changes are not reflected in the imported credit reports. You will have to remove these entries manually and re-import the data. Also, once you re-import the data, the entries are often duplicated, making auditing the report much more difficult.

Credit Repair Cloud 2.0 is more of an intelligent credit repair software. Once you import the credit report and make changes, you can automatically find the new data and approximated credit score; no manual intervention is needed.

You can generate new credit reports based on these changes and later plan effective strategies. 

Credit Hero Score Costs you only $19.95/mo

Unlike other credit scores, Credit Hero Score costs you the lowest with monthly credit score updates and identity theft monitoring. Now, this is a direct competition with one of the most famous credit scores, myFICO.

For Credit Hero Score, your clients need to pay only $1 for the first seven days and then pay the flat price of $19.95/mo.

Besides, Credit Hero Score is directly integrated with the Credit Repair Cloud, making credit scores more desirable and easy to access. So, once you import your credit history, your Credit Hero Score is automatically calculated and presented to you.

If you intend to cancel the Credit Hero Score subscription, you don’t need to write long emails or spend hours together on phone calls. Credit Hero Score can be canceled with a simple “CANCEL” button from your client’s dashboard and using your affiliate dashboard more easily.

The White Label Thing – Credit Repair Cloud 

A private or white label company means you can use your custom name and branding. So, you can be authoritative and run your credit repair business with confidence; it’s just the software; you are the business owner, and you should have your name on it. 

Most other white label credit repair businesses charge you a hefty amount for co-branding, but thanks to Credit Repair Cloud, it’s FREE

Yes, you don’t have to pay a single penny to use your branding on Credit Repair Cloud Software, which makes it independent of yours and more desirable to use. 

Managing is one of the biggest tasks when you have hundreds of clients on board. At times, you need to update their credit history, new credit card details, and email addresses, monitor their activity, check credit report delivery status, issue password resets, cancel sponsored subscriptions, and run custom reports. 

Everything can be done using a single click within the Credit Repair Cloud dashboard, making the managing process a PIECE OF CAKE.

You don’t have to struggle here and there to make minor changes or updates; it’s all from the dashboard. 

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4. Easier and Better Credit Reports

When running a white-label credit repair company, you will have to look through all the boring credit entries for a brief analysis. At times, you don’t want all the detailed data and entries and need only the scores and numeric report data. This is exactly when Credit Repair Cloud 2.0 beats out the competition from all the major white label credit repair companies. 

Credit Repair Cloud 2.0 gives you graphical and brief statistical data that you can present to your client. This involves scores from all three bureaus, Vantage Score 3.0, a report with the date, and other important information. 

Moreover, you can see instant changes in your credit scores when you repair faulty entries. This is called the credit score simulator, and though this data is not reflected in your actual credit score, you will be able to analyze how the scores increase when you remove specific entries. 

Credit Score and Simulator

You can see what will happen to your score based on various actions; opening, closing, or paying off an account, increasing a credit line, etc.

Is this Credit Monitoring Compulsory?

Though the Credit Hero Score is the newest credit monitoring system, you can still use the older scores and metrics with a single click. Credit Hero Score is more recent and more advanced, making it possible that most people still don’t know about it and might prefer using older score metrics such as myFICO.

5. Credit Audit Now More Extreme and Dependable

Credit Repair Cloud 2.0 has now modernized Credit auditing with a new look and more entries. So, you will see more intensive and detailed entries on your credit reports, allowing you to analyze and check minor to major faulty entries. 

One of the newest additions to the credit reports is entries that can help you save money on your mortgage. There is so much information that can help you reduce your mortgage payments smartly and take intelligent steps on your next mortgage loan. 

6. Add ID, Docs, and Other Paperwork

When you are into credit disputing, it is natural that you need to add documents and other PaperWork to support your dispute. Besides, you will also need to add some ID to make sure the credit bureaus understand the credit dispute is from a genuine person. 

As we already know, Credit Repair Cloud’s CloudMail service prints and sends a letter from your end, saving you hours; they will also print and send these documents along with the dispute to make sure it is legitimate.

Moreover, there is also a photo editor when your client uploads documents and IDs with inappropriate sizes and ratios. So you can easily edit them and make them presentable in your dispute letter. 

7. Team Chat and Automation Hub

The next newest addition to the Credit Repair Cloud 2.0 is the all-new Team chat and automation hub. 

Earlier, it was hard to keep in touch with teammates, and the entire client business would take stressful hours. Now, with a team chat feature, you can directly assign roles, discuss new opportunities, and solve problems like texting in your group chat with friends. 

Managing a Credit Repair Business is now easier and saves you a lot of time. No doubt, Credit Repair Cloud 2.0 is the best white label credit repair software that one can have. 

The CRC 2.0 version also introduces the automation hub, which lets you send newsletters and other emails in bulk. The best part is you don’t have to manually invest your time in sending emails each time a new client is registered; you can now automate the entire process with a single click. 

Not only are there welcome emails on how to repair credit scores, but there are also various other newsletter automation templates that you can use with the “Zap” button. 

You can also create your own. 

Credit Repair Cloud has collaborated with “Active Campaign Sync, ” a popular newsletter service, to make this possible. So, you can now send emails in masses to your clients and opportunity clients, and this feature integrates directly into your Credit Repair Cloud dashboard. 

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8. Freebies with Credit Repair Cloud 2.0

Credit Repair Cloud 2.0 has so much to offer with its newest updates and features. However, there is one more thing that makes CRC 2.0 much more special for clients like you and me: the freebies. 

GoodsPriceWith CRC 2.0For Trial Users
Credit Repair Cloud 30-Day Trial$179FREEFREE
#CreditHero T-Shirt (your cape)$30FREEFREE
Exclusive Private CommunityPricelessFREEFREE
8 Millionaire Mindset Training$397FREEFREE
Exclusive “Practice to Pro” Bonus Training$297FREEFREE
Bootstrapping Millionaire Secrets$179FREEFREE
Basic Disputing Course$265FREEFREE

All of this is for FREE and also complimentary for the trial users. So, even if you change your mind, you can still have these. 

Pricing – Credit Repair Cloud

Start Plan


Up to 3 team members and 100 active clients, access to all core features. Additional team member for $50/Mo and additional 100 active clients for $50/Mo

Grow Plan


Most Popular

Up to 6 team members and 600 active clients, access to all core features. Additional team member for $40/Mo and additional 100 active clients for $40/Mo

Scale Plan


Up to 12 team members and 1200 active clients, access to all core features. Additional team member for $30/Mo and additional 100 active clients for $30/Mo

Enterprise Plan


Up to 24 team members and 2400 active clients, access to all core features. Additional team member for $20/Mo and additional 100 active clients for $20/Mo

All the features are included in each plan, and all the plans are eligible for a free trial. An Annual Package has a one-year contract and a 20% discounted price. You’ll see this option during signup.

Start Plan

Pricing: $179/Mo

The Start plan is the most popular and desirable Credit Repair Cloud package to start your own credit repair company. Using the start plan, you can add up to 3 members and get unlimited storage, affiliates, and leads.

Credit Repair Cloud is a white label credit repair software that allows you to have your own branding. In my case, I can run my own credit repair business named “XYZ” and create invoices or disputes using the white label credit repair software; Credit Repair Cloud.

  • Up to 3 team members
  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited Affiliates & Leads
  • Private Label Client Portal
  • Up to 300 active clients
  • All our core features

You can add up to 300 active clients, and if you wish to upgrade, you can do the following without subscribing to a higher plan –

  • Add a team member for $50/mo
  • Add up to 100 more clients for $50/mo

Grow Plan

Pricing: $299/Mo

The Grow plan is well suited when you have clients in the range of 400-600 and a team of 5-6 members. Most recommended for small teams, Grow plan also offers every single feature of the Start plan. You can add up to 6 team members with the Grow plan and manage up to 600 active clients.

  • Up to 6 team members
  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited Affiliates & Leads
  • Private Label Client Portal
  • Up to 600 active clients
  • All our core features

If you wish to add a few more members and clients but don’t want to upgrade to a higher plan, you can buy the following add-ons –

  • Add a team member for $40/mo
  • Add up to 100 more clients for $40/mo

Scale Plan

Pricing: $399/Mo

Have a big team handling the credit repair business for you? The Scale plan is well-suited for your credit repair company. Recommended for a growing team like yours, the scale plan offers all the core features of the Credit Repair Cloud. You can add up to 12 members on the scale plan and have 1200 active clients.

  • Up to 12 team members
  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited Affiliates & Leads
  • Private Label Client Portal
  • Up to 1200 active clients
  • All our core features

If you wish to add a few more members and clients but don’t want to upgrade to a higher plan, you can buy the following add-ons –

  • Add a team member for $30/mo
  • Add up to 100 more clients for $30/mo

Enterprise Plan

Pricing: $599/Mo

The Enterprise plan is for power users and is best for those who have a hyperactive set of credit repair clients. You can add up to 24 team members with the Enterprise plan and have up to 2400 active clients on a single plan.

  • Up to 24 team members
  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited Affiliates & Leads
  • Private Label Client Portal
  • Up to 2400 active clients
  • All our core features

If you wish to add a few more members and clients but don’t want to upgrade to a higher plan, you can buy the following add-ons –

  • Add a team member for $20/mo
  • Add up to 100 more clients for $20/mo

the space shuttle strategy

Free Credit Repair Guide

After learning from almost a dozen credit repair experts, here is a simple and detailed free credit repair guide we curated to help you improve your credit scores. We call it “Space Shuttle Strategy.”

Ratings and Testimonials

9.5/10 – The Credit Repair Cloud is the Best White Label Credit Repair Software.

1045 Reviews on Trustpilot – Excellent and Best Private Label Credit Repair Software

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
Taking this course is life changing!! I can’t express how grateful I am for finding this course and helping me build something life changing for myself!! After taking this course I feel confident in almost every move I am going to be making moving forward, plus with this software I can focus on getting more clients to help plan for there futures!
Kevin Ruiz
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
I had amazing experience with credit hero challenge. I’m launching next week my credit repair business with credit hero I’m happy to join.and i recommend this training for anyone.
Jay Black

Final Words – White Label Credit Repair

credit repair cloud review

Credit Repair Cloud is the best software to start your own white label credit repair business. You can opt for the Start Repairing Credit Challenge, get coaching from mentors, and scale your business from zero to enterprise. Besides, dozens of features make it the best and dominant white-label credit repair software in the credit repair industry. You can start with a free trial.


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