Best Credit Repair Business Software Kit to Kickstart Like a Pro

The credit repair business is one of the best passive income sources, and it has been much easier with software. The traditional method is to print hundreds of transactional records, manually type dozens of dispute letters, and finally have a lot of staff members attend to the credit repair needs of hundreds of clients. 

However, one of the time-saving and efficient modern methods is to use credit repair software that can automate the entire process and also earns you well. 

There is plenty of credit repair software out there on the internet, but not all of them work as they claim. So, it is important to choose the best credit repair software to suit your business and meet your needs. 

In this article, we discuss the only Credit Repair Business Software you need to run an automated and successful credit repair business. From analyzing, disputing, and boosting, these tools do what we need to improve credit repair scores, just like the Space Shuttle Strategy, which helps you improve credit scores and also helps you with avoiding bad scores later. 

Let’s discuss the gist of how to use the Space Shuttle Strategy to efficiently improve credit scores faster and quicker in the later section of this article.

Losing time? Here are the recommended tools,

Credit Repair Cloud

Best Credit Repair Software


disputebee reviews


Check FICO Scores

Credit Hero Course

Credit Repair Training Book

Starting My Credit Repair Business Journey

Credit Repair Business is one of the best passive income sources for our team, and it all goes back to the mid of 2020, the lockdown period. During such a difficult time, a lot of people were facing financial difficulties and super-bad credit scores. It was because the income from sources was less, a lot of people lost their jobs, and the expenses were just increasing.

With the thought of helping the mass with poor credit scores, we tested a lot of credit-helping tools. With all our research and recommendations, we finally picked four of the important software for you to run a successful, easy, and automated credit repair business.

Let’s check them out.

Best Credit Repair Software To Start a Business | Automated, and Professional

If you are randomly picking Credit Repair Software for your business, you need to rethink as most of the software does not work. More importantly, the software alone is not enough to run a credit repair business. 

One of the first few things is to learn how to do a credit repair, and it starts with analyzing, disputing, and boosting scores. If you prefer to manually fix credit scores for your clients, you can refer to the Space Shuttle Strategy

However, if you are using automated credit repair business software, Credit Hero Challenge is one of the first things to get. It is a training module designed by Credit Repair Cloud to help you get your first few clients and help start a successful credit repair business.

Let’s check the Credit Hero Challenge and why you need it.

1. Credit Hero Challenge – Start a Credit Repair Business Like a Pro

Starting any business without formal training or information is one of the biggest reasons why businesses fail. Thankfully, we get credit repair business training that helps you start a successful credit repair business and also helps you get the first few leads.

But what exactly is Credit Hero Challenge, and what can you expect from it?

credit hero challenge

Credit Hero Challenge is part of Credit Repair Cloud and is a well-designed 14 days course to start, grow and escalate your own credit repair business. 

At the end of 14 days course, you will be able to,

  • Get your first client within 24 hours.
  • Build a solid foundation for a real business.
  • Read and consult on a credit report like a pro.
  • Onboard new customers.
  • Get testimonials that do the selling for you & so much more.

There is no doubt Credit Hero is one of the best credit repair crash courses, but how much does this 14 days expert coaching cost?

Let’s take a wild guess; $1500? or even a little more, over $2000?

Credit Hero is an exhaustive credit business coaching. This includes free material worth $1806 and one-to-one guidance from credit experts.

And to everyone’s surprise, The Credit Hero Challenge only costs $47. Moreover, it comes with a full refund policy.

2. Credit Repair Cloud – The Only Credit Repair Business Software You Need

Credit Hero Challenge is the first part of your credit repair business, where you learn how to run a credit repair business successfully. But you definitely need software to automate your process or do credit repair business overall. Manually doing it would take a lot of time and effort from you and the entire team.

This is where you can have the best private label credit repair software for your business to make the process automated; the Credit Repair Cloud.

What is Credit Repair Cloud?

Credit Repair Cloud is the industry-dominant credit repair software to start your own credit repair business. It offers white labeling, so you can have your own branding at no additional cost, and it automates almost everything for you. So, all you need to do is set it up and let the software do the job.

The best part is you can even manually make changes to dispute letters, choose entries, or anything from the software when you find it to be right. When paired with Credit Hero Challenge, Credit Repair Cloud is the best credit repair software for your business.

Features of Credit Repair Cloud:

  • Credit Hero Score – A new way to measure your credit scores
  • Import online credit reports
  • Credit dispute automation
  • 1-Click credit audit
  • Batch printing
  • Send dispute letters in batch
  • Team chat and automation hub
  • Automated printing and mailing
  • CloudMail – Sending and tracking dispute letters made much easier
  • Access the client dashboard and progress directly from your personal dashboard – No more password drama
  • Client and affiliate portal
  • Client signature capture
  • Payment integration
  • CRM Features
  • Two months of free web hosting
  • KPI business dashboard
  • Affiliate tools
  • Complete dispute library
  • Capture leads and Signups
  • Import clients and leads
  • Developer API
  • Client onboarding
  • Dedicated support

That’s not all with Credit Repair Cloud; you also get freebies that most of the Credit Repair Software fails to offer. With Credit Repair Cloud, you not only get the tool but also resources to kickstart your credit repair business. 

Here is what you get as a freebie; avail it quickly by signing up to the Credit Repair Cloud from the button below.

GoodsPriceWith CRC 2.0For Trial Users
Credit Repair Cloud 30-Day Trial$179FREEFREE
#CreditHero T-Shirt (your cape)$30FREEFREE
Exclusive Private CommunityPricelessFREEFREE
8 Millionaire Mindset Training$397FREEFREE
Exclusive “Practice to Pro” Bonus Training$297FREEFREE
Bootstrapping Millionaire Secrets$179FREEFREE
Basic Disputing Course$265FREEFREE

Credit Repair Cloud is the perfect and the best software to start and run your credit repair company or business. It allows you white labeling and offers you a lot more than you pay for. 

3. DisputeBee – Making Disputing an Easier Process

While Credit Repair Cloud automates the entire process and gives you a more flexible interface, at times, you might need to be a little better at disputing or creating dispute letters. This is where you need DisputeBee, the right software for creating dispute letters on the go. 

DisputeBee review

DisputeBee is an automated CRM dispute software that allows the user to create and track disputes. The software comes with training and educational videos that make it easy to use it. If you are planning to launch your credit repair business, you need to know the problems associated with it. You cannot manually write hundreds of dispute letters; let DisputeBee do the job for you.

Highlight Features of DisputeBee:

  • Automated
  • Client Portal
  • Support all three bureaus.
  • Pre-Written Letter templates and dispute process tracker.
  • Add unlimited clients and team members.
  • Automated dispute letter and bulk letter generation.
  • Intelligent Letter Suggester
  • Dispute collection, bureaus, collectors, inquiries, payments, med debts, and more.

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4. MyFICO – Let’s Track the New Credit Scores

If you are a total newbie to the credit repair business, it is a must-have to myFICO software, and on the contrary, if you are a professional already, it’s time you get myFICO over other credit models. 

It is hard to make a credit pull every now and then when you are in a credit repair business. This is the most common problem in the Credit Repair Business, and it can be solved with a simple tool or software. myFICO allows you to obtain FICO credit scores from all three credit bureaus. With the advanced plan, all the FICO scores are updated each quarter, and on the other hand, it is more affordable ($29.95/mo) compared to any other credit score pull.

Check FICO Score

Here are some additional features,

  • 3-bureau credit report from Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion.
  • 28 FICO® Scores, including mortgage, auto, and credit versions.
  • Proactive credit report monitoring and alerts.
  • $1M identity theft insurance.

If you are still confused about credit scores and FICO scores, here is an article based on FICO Score vs. Credit Score and which is the best among them. 

Also read: How Often are Credit Scores Updated?

What is the Cost Involved in Starting a Credit Repair Business with the Above Tools?

When starting any new business, you need to give something to it first to expect getting returns; in business terms, it is investment and profits. The same goes for when you want to start a credit repair business and want to get the most out of it.

The good news is you don’t have to invest thousands of dollars in starting a credit repair business. It should be close to $200-$300 to start and run a successful credit repair business with the above tools, but the profits are almost double as you keep running the business. 

The investment and profit are not fixed; you might earn a little more on some days and a little lesser on a few. It is totally dependent on how efficiently you use the tools. Moreover, if you choose different plans for the above tools, the investment also changes.

Space Shuttle Strategy – The Ultimate Guide to Credit Repair

We created the Space Shuttle Strategy to help users boost their credit scores by following the correct procedures. Often users miss out on certain steps and find no changes in their credit scores when they start fixing them on their own.

It is a free guide, available only on our website and well-curated by the team to help you with challenges in credit fixing efficiently. 

Space Shuttle Strategy

Space Shuttle Strategy is as simple as launching a multi-stage rocket in space; you need to cut loose a few weights and give a boost. The weights in our space shuttle are late payments, debts, incorrect entries, and undisputed items; these have a major impact on credit scores. As quickly as you lose this weight, your credit score will gradually improve with the speed of the rocket.

The heaviest weight on our space rocket is late payments and undisputed items. Though we have fewer options with late payments and cannot do anything much about them, we can surely work on undisputed items.

What Space Shuttle Strategy helps you with,

  • Reducing Anomalies
    • How to get Credit Reports
    • Credit Freeze
    • Analyzing the Credit Reports
    • Disputing Process
  • Boosting the Space Shuttle Strategy
    • Benefits of a Better Credit Score
    • How to improve Credit Scores? Let’s Boost

Wrapping up: The Best Credit Repair Business Software Kit to Kickstart your Business

The above-listed four credit repair business software and an ultimate free guide (Space Shuttle Strategy) together are the best to kickstart your credit repair business. We recommend you get Credit Hero Challenge, Credit Repair Cloud, DisputeBee, and myFICO to automate the entire credit repair process. 

Moreover, Credit Hero Challenge is a training camp for 14 days where you learn how to start a credit repair business and get more leads or make it successful. Additionally, with the Credit Repair Cloud, 38 of the users have successfully become millionaires and have 17k+ active users. It is great software and a must-have for your credit repair business. 

For automated letter generating and tracking, DisputeBee does a marvelous job with the least effort from your end. Besides, you get free training to make things easier by using this credit repair software. 

Lastly, with myFICO, you can always keep track of changes in your credit scores and let your clients know how well they are improving with your credit repair business.


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