DisputeBee vs Credit Repair Cloud | Which is the Best Credit Repair Software

DisputeBee vs Credit Repair Cloud | Which is the Best Credit Repair Software? A detailed review guide.

When it comes to choosing the best credit repair software, two of the best competitors are DisputeBee and Credit Repair Cloud. From disputing letters to tracking them with intelligent systems, there are a lot of commons and differences between both credit repair systems, but which of these credit repair software is perfect for starting a credit repair business?

It’s a tough call, but this comparison article makes things easier for you. Let’s check our detailed comparison review between Disputebee vs Credit Repair Cloud.

What are DisputeBee and Credit Repair Cloud

DisputeBee review

DisputeBee and Credit Repair Cloud are both credit repair software for those who wish to start a credit repair company. One of the best things about these credit repair tools is you can readily use them for personal and professional purposes. This means you can improve your personal credit scores, file dispute letters, and even boost your credit scores. In addition, DisputeBee and Credit Repair Cloud have impactful training to upscale your business and get leads in the credit repair industry.

Credit Repair Cloud also offers a Start Repairing Credit Challenge course (free course but worth upgrading to the VIP), which is perfect for those who want to build a SaaS credit repair company. On the other hand, DisputeBee offers tutorials, dispute templates, and detailed walkthrough guides on what to send while disputing. 

credit hero challenge

Both Credit Repair Cloud and DisputeBee are efficient and impactful credit repair software in the industry amidst hundreds of other tools. However, Credit Repair Cloud and DisputeBee are the top in the credit repair industry, and they come with several best features, which we will discuss in the later sections of this article.

disputebee reviews

DisputeBee Credit Repair Software

  • Automated
  • Client Portal
  • E-contract integration
  • Support all three bureausBulk print letters
  • Zapier integration
  • Client billing integration
  • Pre-Written Letter templates and dispute process tracker
  • Add unlimited clients and team members
  • Automated dispute letter and bulk letter generation
  • Intelligent Letter Suggester
  • Dispute collection, bureaus, collectors, inquiries, payments, med debts, and more
  • Send personal disputes to Bureaus, Collectors, Inquiries, Med debt, Payments, Bankruptcy, and Other collections agencies

Best Credit Repair Software

Credit Repair Cloud – Business Software

  • Import online credit reports
  • 1-Click credit audit
  • KPI business dashboard
  • CRM Features with payment integration
  • Two months of free web hosting
  • Client and affiliate portal
  • Batch printing
  • CloudMail support for sending dispute letters and tracking them
  • Automated printing and mailing with CloudMail
  • Process hundreds of letters in seconds for your clients
  • Credit Hero Score – A new way to measure your credit status
  • No password drama for all your clients
  • White-label credit repair business
  • Team chat and automation hub with freebies on subscribing to one of the credit repair cloud plans

Why Compare DisputeBee vs Credit Repair Cloud?

It is normal for you to wonder why you need to compare DisputeBee vs Credit Repair Cloud when both tools are efficient. The answer is simple; both Credit Repair Cloud and DisputeBee have a few different and powerful features to offer.

If you need to improve on sending better dispute letters to all the credit bureaus such as EquifaxTransUnion, or Experian, DisputeBee is perfect for you. It has a pre-written intelligent letter writerwhich allows you to create a perfect dispute letter for any bureau. Moreover, you can track the disputes within the dashboard and make advanced disputing strategies. You can also create bulk mails and create unlimited dispute letters for your clients.

credit repair cloud review

On the other hand, Credit Repair Cloud is a dedicated CRM tool for setting up a private label credit repair business. Instead of being limited to disputing, Credit Repair Cloud helps you with a new type of credit measurement: Credit Hero Score. In addition, you get more flexible CRM options such as cleaner importing of credit history, better management of credit reports, credit audits, paperwork such as ID and documents, and a lot of freebies. Credit Repair Cloud gives you a SaaS option to create new credit repair leads and manage them within your dashboard.

Feature Comparison: DisputeBee vs Credit Repair Cloud

DisputeBee vs Credit Repair Cloud: Both of these are efficient credit repair software, but as said above, they are marginally different in how you can use them to set up a credit repair business. Let’s check all the important features such as credit history importing, disputing process, and tracking them on both credit report software.

1. Importing Credit History/Report

Before you start the disputing process, you need to know what entries on your report are negative or faulty. Since DisputeBee and Credit Repair Cloud are credit repair software, you can import the credit report directly to the tools and make the dispute process easier.

For a proper evaluation, you need three credit reports each from the three credit bureaus: Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian. You can get them for free once a year from Annual Credit Report, but this is not enough when you are constantly working on bettering your credit scores. In such a case, you can rely on myFICO, which allows you to get quarterly updates on your credit scores with 24/7 credit and identity monitoring. In addition, proactive credit report monitoring and alerts. FICO scores are widely used for mortgages, auto loans, and credit cards. 

On DisputeBee, you need to upload the credit reports from all three bureaus before you start auditing your credit situation. Once uploading the credit report is completed, you can browse for negative, faulty, or unknown entries and mark them for disputing. One of the best things is you can group the negative entries from the same bureaus and create a single dispute letter for disputing purposes. You need to manually intervene in all the entries, and re-importing the credit reports in the next quarter can become a little messy. 

On the contrary, the case is different with Credit Repair Cloud. Here, you need to import the credit reports from all three bureaus. You get updated quarterly credit reports from myFICO and seamlessly upload them to Credit Report Cloud software. Once you begin the disputing process, you don’t need to manually intervene and remove the older entries; this is even when you are uploading quarterly updated credit reports. Credit Repair Cloud is intelligent, and the entries are automatically adjusted along with the credit scores, which is the best. 

2. Writing a Dispute Letter: Personal and Bulk

You cannot improve your credit scores unless you take action against the faulty or negative entries on your credit history. Here, the action is disputing these entries, and you can let the credit bureaus know about them by writing a dispute letter.

The perfect dispute letter is one where you have all the credible and required information, attached proofs, and a proper explanation. Know that dispute letters rarely work on the first go. So, if you are unable to see results, you might have to send a couple of more dispute letters before going ahead legally with an attorney.

DisputeBee vs Credit Repair Cloud: Which is the Best Disputing Tool

If you are starting a credit repair business or want to fix your credit scores with disputing Credit Repair Cloud and DisputeBee are great tools. Let’s see which acts the best when you need them for creating dispute letters. 

On DisputeBee, you already have a credit report imported, and all you need to do is manually go through each of these entries and check for its validity or genuineness. If you find a fault entry, you can checkmark the box beside the entry from the same bureaus and later create dispute letters for these entries. 

You don’t have to fill out all the details if you are using it for personal use, as you have already uploaded your IdentityIQ credentials at the beginning. So, the letter already has all the crucial information, such as your address, name, SSN, and more. There is also a range of templates as per the requirement, which you can choose for readily creating the dispute letter.

One of the best things about DisputeBee’s intelligent writer is after you choose the template, you can also edit them to make them more relatable, if necessary, or you can print and send them directly to the credit bureaus. You can create unlimited dispute letters, and if you have a professional account, you can generate dispute letters in bulk for all your clients.

Similarly, Credit Repair Cloud allows you to create dispute letters from a wide range of templates. You can select the fault entries, adjust the mailing address as per the bureau, and then create dispute letters in seconds. The Credit Repair Cloud also allows you to create and send hundreds of bulk letters within seconds as the information is already present with the system and works great when you are running a credit repair company.

Both DisputeBee and Credit Repair Cloud allow you to make a powerful impact in easily creating a dispute letter. If you are new to creating dispute letters, you can check our creditor dispute letter sample

3. Sending Dispute Letters to Credit Bureaus

Once you have your credit dispute letters ready, the next most important thing is to mail them to the appropriate credit bureaus. Usually, people prefer mailing these dispute letters digitally, but if you wish to make it more effective, you can try the traditional method, which is mailing them to their physical address.

Here is the address of all the Credit Bureaus where you can send your dispute letters. Make sure to send the correct letter to the correct credit bureau and not interchange them. US postal mail service is one of the cheapest options if you are running a credit repair business.

Credit Bureau Addresses:


P.O. Box 4500

Allen, TX 75013

TransUnion Consumer Solutions

P.O. Box 2000

Chester, PA 19016-2000


P.O. Box 740241

Atlanta, GA 30374-0241

Sending Dispute Letters using DisputeBee vs Credit Repair Cloud

You can seamlessly create dispute letters on DisputeBee, but what comes next? How can you send these dispute letters to the credit bureaus? Once you have the dispute letters ready, you need to get them printed and later get them delivered to the credit bureaus. 

If you are running a credit repair business using DisputeBee, you will need to get hundreds of credit dispute letters printed and mailed. In such a case, you can opt for US Postal Services, which is a great and convenient option for bulk dispute letters.

On the contrary, Credit Repair Cloud offers the CloudMail service, which is more convenient and time-saving. In other credit repair software, you generate credit dispute letters, need to download and print them and then get UPS to deliver, and it involves a lot of time. 

On CloudMail, you can make adjustments to your dispute letter, set the mail class ((standard, first-class, or certified), set the paper color, print single/double-sided, etc., and Credit Repair Cloud will print and mail them for you. Moreover, you can see the entire tracking process and result in your dashboard, which is super convenient for personal and bulk dispute letters. It saves a lot of time and money as Credit Repair Cloud does this in bulk for thousands of customers. 

The CloudMail starts from $0.80 and can go up to $5 on average; the price of what mail type you choose is entirely dependent on you. 

4. Tracking Dispute Letters

Once you send the dispute letters, how do you know if your letter has been received by the bureau and the status of your dispute letter? It’s by tracking the dispute letter, which can be seamlessly done by the Credit Repair Cloud and DisputeBee software.

DisputeBee allows you to track the progress of your dispute letter from within the tool, while you can use the UPS tracking code to check if the bureaus have received the dispute letter. 

On the other hand, Credit Repair Cloud gives you better tracking management using CloudMail. If you have used the CloudMail service to send dispute letters to credit bureaus, you can easily track the status of your credit dispute letters. Moreover, CloudMail updates the result of your credit dispute letter in the dashboard itself. So it becomes much easier for you to have all the features under one dashboard, and you don’t have to leave the software for anything.

Tracking dispute letters is easier with both the credit repair software, which makes them the best. But when it comes to starting a credit repair business, it becomes much more important for you to manage all the clients. Are DisputeBee and Credit Repair Cloud efficient enough to manage clients and run a credit repair business? Let’s check it out.

5. CRM: Managing Clients | DisputeBee vs Credit Repair Cloud

Managing clients is one of the biggest challenges when it comes to starting a credit repair company. Unlike the traditional way, you don’t have to assign a separate individual who manages all the documents, clients, and other services for small commissions.

But this is not the case with DisputeBee and Credit Repair Cloud; here, you get to manage all clients from your dashboard. For instance, if you have a business or professional account on DisputeBee, you can manage all the clients directly from your DisputeBee dashboard, such as viewing dispute letters, tracking, and more.

However, things are quite different on Credit Repair Cloud, especially after the release of new features in Credit Repair Cloud 2.0. Here, you don’t need to remember any of your client passwords, log out and re-login each time, and even manage the disputing process. With Credit Repair Cloud 2.0, you can log in to your client dashboard, view progress, and communicate with them using teams and other chat options. The best part is you can do it all directly through your dashboard.

With this, you also get a Credit Hero Score value which gives you a quick update on your current credit statistics and if you are improving.

Credit Repair Cloud is a SaaS product, so when you make clients, you get to keep commissions for a specific period, which is by far the best among any other credit repair software in the industry. Besides, Credit Repair Cloud is a Private Label Credit Repair Software, so you can run the credit repair business under your branding while doing it seamlessly using the software.

In our opinion, Credit Repair Cloud is the best credit repair software in the industry, and if you are looking forward to starting a credit repair business, this is just the perfect software that you need.

Similarities: DisputeBee vs Credit Repair Cloud

Both DisputeBee and Credit Repair Cloud have a lot in common. For instance, importing credit reports is one of the biggest hassles when it comes to the credit repair industry, but things are much easier with DisputeBee and Credit Repair Cloud.

Credit Repair Software DisputeBee Review

Once you receive your quarterly updated credit report from myFICO, you can seamlessly add it to both the software by a simple upload process. This can be the same with credit reports from other sources such as Equifax, Experian, TransUnion, or Annual Credit Report. You can also use other credit report sources, such as Credit Karma, to get that credit report. 

After seamless integration of credit reports, you can find both the DisputeBee and Credit Repair Cloud to allow you to create dispute templates within seconds with their ready-to-use dispute templates. Writing a dispute letter is a time-consuming process, and both the credit repair software equally make it easier. 

Other similarities include how you can easily manage clients on both the credit repair software. There are a bunch of other integrations, such as E-contract, billing integrations, and bulk management, which make them a lot similar to each other in terms of credit repair software but powerful in their own ways.

Differences: DisputeBee vs Credit Repair Cloud

DisputeBee vs Credit Repair Cloud (Differences): while there are a lot of similarities between DisputeBee and Credit Repair Cloud, there are a few differences that make them stand apart and act effectively from each other.

For instance, there is no mailing concept in DisputeBee, and after generating the dispute letter, you have to proceed with the long mailing service. To start with, you need to download the dispute letter, print it out, avail of a mailing service such as the US Postal Service (UPS), and then track it. In comparison, this is not the case with Credit Repair Cloud; here, you get a CloudMail service that takes away the entire burden of the mailing process. Moreover, you get to choose the type of mailing service, paper color, quality, and everything else, and CloudMail will do the job for you.

Other than the CloudMail, DisputeBee and Credit Repair Cloud also differ in purposes and how you can use them to manage your clients and affiliate. In our opinion, Credit Repair Cloud is a pioneer and a top product for starting your own credit repair business. It has better client and affiliate management, helps you earn more, features like CloudMail and Credit Hero Score make it stand out from the competition, and is priced appropriately to the services it has to provide. On the other hand, there are surely the client integrations such as E-contract, bulk letter generation, sending mail via API (Only business users), Zapier integration, and adding unlimited clients; we still feel the difference is huge in comparison.

Training sets of both the DisputeBee and Credit Repair Cloud are also different. On DisputeBee, you get recorded resources, knowledgebase, and support, while the Credit Repair Cloud offers a Start Repairing Credit Challenge, which gives you more intriguing training and also helps you land the first few clients.

How to Use Credit Repair Cloud | Best Credit Repair Tool for Business

Credit Repair Cloud is one of the best credit repair software, but how do you use it? Is it complicated? Let’s give it a good look at how to use the Credit Repair Cloud tool to run a credit repair business.

Step 1: Getting Started with Purchase and Setup

The first step to getting started with Credit Repair Cloud is making the purchase and completing your profile with relevant and accurate information. There are multiple plans to choose from when buying the Credit Repair Cloud service; you can start with the “start plan” if you are new to the credit repair industry.

After the purchase is complete, you get free web hosting for a limited time and a custom domain to host your credit repair business. If you have a purchased domain on which you wish to run your credit repair business, you can do that too.

After the guided setup is completed, which shouldn’t take less than five minutes, you can log in to the Credit Repair Cloud portal. Here, you will get access to training, course, and many other freebies. There are a lot of credit repair freebies that help you land your first client.

Setting up Credit Repair Cloud
DisputeBee vs Credit Repair Cloud

Step 2: Let’s Import Reports, Get New Leads, and Start Disputing

Once your domain and Credit Repair Cloud portal is set up, you can start by importing credit reports, generating dispute letters, tracking and managing them, and doing a complete credit audit with ease.

From the Credit Repair Cloud portal, you can even access other features such as CloudMail, Managing affiliates, accessing Credit Hero Scores, and other features which are crucial for starting a credit repair business. 

You can seamlessly add up to 300 clients with the start plan on your Credit Repair Cloud portal and add up to three team members to manage your credit repair business. It comes with unlimited storage, so you can actively keep uploading updated credit reports from myFICO for accurate credit information.

Step 3: Adding More Leads, Managing Business, and Growing Credit Repair Business

Once you kickstart your Credit Repair Business, the next step is to grow it, or you won’t find results with it. This can be done by adding more leads from various sources such as a blog, online groups, and friends or by running a digital or offline campaign. There is no restriction on how you can add a client to your Credit Repair Cloud portal. 

Unlike other credit repair software, Credit Repair Cloud has better management of clients. For instance, you can log in to your client dashboard directly from your dashboard, view statistics and reports, and help them with other disputing processes.

Credit Repair Cloud and DisputeBee

How to Use DisputeBee | Credit Repair Software

DisputeBee is a great credit repair software for starting a credit repair business, just like Credit Repair Cloud. However, disputing is much easier with DisputeBee, and so is managing and tracking disputes once you have sent them to the credit bureaus.

Requirement – IdentityIQ credentials, updated credit reports

Step 1: Setting Up DisputeBee

  • Open DisputeBee on your PC and log in using your user credentials.
  • You will be presented with an interactive dashboard with all the tools and features. Click on the Settings button from the left side menu to fill in your basic information. Also, scroll down and fill in your IdentityIQ information to get started.
  • Now, click on the credit report option from the left side menu to start auditing the credit reports. We will have to import the credit report using the upload button.
  • Bonus tip: You can get your credit report for free on the Annual Credit Report (One per year).
  • Once imported and audited, items along with the credit scores from all three bureaus are displayed on your dashboard. We will now identify the negative items, and if we find any, we need to raise disputes.
Creating dispute letters on DisputeBee

Annual Credit Report only allows one free credit report every year; if you need constant monitoring and update, here is the best alternative –

Get 3-bureau reports (updated quarterly) + 24×7 Credit and Identity monitoring + $1m Identity Theft Insurance ($29.95/Mo)

Raise disputes on credit report using DisputeBee

Step 2: How to Raise a Dispute using DisputeBee

  • Open DisputeBee software.
  • Click on the dispute option from the left side menu and select the source. In our example, we will select the credit report as the source since we have already imported and audited it.
  • We will select the dispute option among all the three credit bureaus from the list of all the credit entries.
  • Once we have done selecting, click on the Next button to review the entries we have selected for disputes. This helps us realize if we have selected the right bureau and the right entry to create a dispute letter.
  • Click on “Create Disputes Now,” and you will be directed to a new page where we can start creating dispute letters. 

Step 3: The Final Step

  • Select all the disputes you want to club into a single letter and then click on “Create Letters Now. 
  • You can now find an automated letter ready to print and mail to the respective credit bureau. You can also use the pen icon to edit any changes in the letter if you wish to.
  • This information is taken from the basic profile information form we filled in the second step. Once you are satisfied with the dispute letter, download it and mail it to the respective credit bureau.
disputebee reviews

Starting a Credit Repair Business: DisputeBee vs Credit Repair Cloud

You can start a credit repair business with DisputeBee and Credit Repair Cloud using either or both of the software. However, we highly think of Credit Repair Cloud to start your business paired with the Start Repairing Credit Challenge. You can only start a credit repair business with DisputeBee, which is cost-effective and provides you with great integrations such as Zapier and E-contract integrations.

Best Credit Repair Business Software

Credit Repair Cloud and DisputeBee are not the only software you will need to run a credit repair business. For instance, you can opt for a quarterly update on your credit history using myFICO to use DisputeBee or Credit Repair Cloud effectively. You might also need access to other software, such as Loom, for the video to connect with your clients, and it is just one of the names and is completely optional.

However, if you use Credit Repair Cloud, you won’t have the need to use other tools, such as communicating with teams and clients to manage to send disputing emails; it does all. It is also why Credit Repair Cloud is one of our favorite and highly recommended credit repair software.

Want to start your own credit repair business? Check this Simple Kickstart Guide.

White Label Credit Repair: DisputeBee or Credit Repair Cloud, Which is the Best?

When you start a credit repair business, most people want to own it with their own branding. But in this comparison of DisputeBee vs Credit Repair Cloud, do any of these give you a private label or white label? And if yes, which of this credit repair software is best with white labeling?

Unfortunately, DisputeBee does not allow you with white or private labeling, which is one of the biggest downsides/disadvantages. However, this is not the case with Credit Repair Cloud. 

You get to white label or private label Credit Repair Cloud with your own branding, custom domain, and all the other brand details. This makes your credit business more of yours when you add your hours and months to it.

DisputeBee and Credit Repair Cloud: Training and Knowledgebase

There is effective training and knowledgebase that come along with DisputeBee and Credit Repair Cloud. More importantly, Credit Repair Cloud comes with Start Repairing Credit Challenge, which helps you land your first client, learn how to run a credit repair business effectively, and more. In addition, this course is refundable even on the last day of the course. 

Credit Hero Score

DisputeBee comes with a knowledge base and tutorials that make DisputeBee a much more reliable process for fixing your credit history and improving your credit scores. 

Both Credit Repair Cloud and DisputeBee offer training courses, but we find Credit Repair Cloud more engaging and effective, whereas DisputeBee is no lesser but could’ve been much better. 

Pricing: DisputeBee Compared to Credit Repair Cloud

Starting a credit repair business should be cost-efficient and budget-friendly. Thankfully, both DisputeBee and Credit Repair Cloud have various plans to offer, but do they justify against the feature set they have to offer? Let’s check it out.

DisputeBee Pricing

Works for Both Personal and Professional Purposes.

Individual Use

  • Import credit reports with ease
  • Support all three bureaus
  • Send personal disputes to Bureaus, Collectors, Inquiries, Med debt, Payments, Bankruptcy, and Other collections agencies
  • Pre-written letter templates
  • Intelligent letter suggester tool

Business use

  • Add unlimited team members
  • Create unlimited clients
  • Advanced dispute strategies
  • Bulk generate letters
  • Bulk print letters
  • Send mail via API
  • Custom letter templates
  • Custom letter sequences
  • E-contract integration
  • Client Portal
  • Zapier integration
  • Client billing integration

Credit Repair Cloud Pricing

Best to upscale your credit Repair Business.

start own credit repair company
own credit repair company
credit repair cloud business
credit repair cloud price

Frequently Asked Questions

Is DisputeBee legitimate?

DisputeBee is much younger than Credit Repair Cloud, but it is also legitimate and genuine to use. It also has a great set of features to fix your credit scores or start a credit repair business.

DisputeBee vs Credit Repair Cloud: which is the best to start a credit repair company?

If you want to start a DIY credit repair company, Credit Repair Cloud is one of the best options.

Which is the best credit repair software for personal use?

DisputeBee is the best credit repair software for personal use, such as improving your credit scores, removing negative entries, and more.

Is Credit Repair Cloud a genuine credit repair software?

Credit Repair Cloud has been used by thousands of users and has shown results with more than 48 millionaires. It is not an MLM or scam but a SaaS product that helps you earn passive income with a credit repair business.

Which is the Best Credit Repair Software: DisputeBee vs Credit Repair Cloud

DisputeBee vs Credit Repair Cloud

After looking closely at DisputeBee and Credit Repair Cloud, we can say that both tools are great for starting a credit repair business. However, if you want it for personal use, DisputeBee is the best and most justifiable option. On the other hand, Credit Repair Cloud is the pioneer and top recommendation to start a credit repair business with Start Repairing Credit Challenge and engaging CRM portal with better management for clients with all the integrations such as CloudMail and Credit Hero Score.


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