DisputeBee Review

One of the first things I did when I wanted to improve my credit scores was to find tools that would make the whole credit disputing process easier. Disputing is a tricky process, and writing credit disputing letters becomes much trickier without any prior knowledge about how to write one. With the right credit repair tools, you can make things less complicated, which is what I have experienced with DisputeBee. Let’s review DisputeBee and share my experience with you all.

In my review and reviews from other DisputeBee users, I have curated this one-page unbiased guide to help you know if the tool is worth the price and effort. We will closely look at what DisputeBee is, certain DisputeBee features, how to use this web application, the pricing model, and finally, my overall verdict.

So, stick until the end and do not make the purchase until you read my helpful experience with this tool.

DisputeBee Overview

disputebee reviews
  • Create unlimited clients
  • Advanced dispute strategies
  • Unlimited team member accounts
  • Generate and print dispute letters in bulk
  • Custom letter templates and sequences
  • E-contract integration
  • Client Portal
  • Zapier integration
  • Intelligent letter suggester tool

Overall Rating:

4 star rating
4 star rating
4 star rating
4 star rating

DisputeBee is an automated credit repair software that helps you create and track dispute letters. It is available for both individuals and professional services, such as starting a credit repair business.

Overall, the tool is a perfect addition to starting a credit repair business with the right set of business integrations such as billing, client portals, unlimited clients and team accounts, custom templates, and more. Though the price is a little high given the features and requires an additional subscription to IdentityIQ, you can still opt for other options, such as Credit Repair Cloud


  • Support all three bureaus
  • Intelligent letter suggester
  • Automated dispute letter
  • Create disputes with bureaus and collectors for inquiries, collections, late payments, and more
  • Easy cancellation and refund


  • A little costly
  • Needs IdentityIQ subscription
  • No other way to import credit reports other than IdentityIQ
  • Could have more business tools

Best DisputeBee Alternative

Best Credit Repair Software

Credit Repair Cloud is the best alternative to DisputeBee to start a credit repair business or improve your credit scores. It is an industry-dominant and growing company that helps entrepreneurs start their credit repair businesses. It offers software, systems, and strategies to start your own credit repair business.

What is DisputeBee? Let’s Look at this Credit Repair Software in Detail

DisputeBee is an automated credit repair software that helps you create and track dispute letters. Creating disputes is one of the most crucial elements of credit repair, and if you want to improve your credit scores, you need to write some solid credit dispute letters to the credit bureaus. Though it seems complicated, you can easily get this task done with DisputeBee as it is completely automated – You give all your credit information to the DisputeBee software, and the intelligent letter suggester feature will automatically create an editable and solid credit dispute letter for you.

That’s not all; once you have your credit dispute letters ready and have sent them to the respective credit bureaus, the next big objective is to track these dispute letters, which can also be done easily with DisputeBee’s credit repair software.

Automated Credit Repair

The automated credit repair software helps you easily generate credit dispute letters for multiple dispute types, such as credit bureaus, debt collection agencies, banks, lenders, and other furnishers, for personal and professional purposes.

Remove Negative Items

The goal of disputing inaccurate items with DisputeBee is to get those items completely removed from your client’s credit report. This includes collections, credit inquiries, late payments, bankruptcies, medical debt, and more.

Increase Credit Scores

Successfully removing erroneous negative items from your client’s credit reports will increase their credit score and help them qualify for mortgages, loans, and credit at better interest rates – saving thousands of dollars!

This credit repair tool is perfect for starting a credit repair business as it comes with a business model with added features such as billing with Zapier, bulk letter generation, and more – making it one of the perfect additions to the credit repair business software kit.

DisputeBee also comes with an individual plan for those who only want to fix or improve their individual credit scores, of course, with the extra features removed. 

You can create and track disputes with DisputeBee’s monthly subscription plans; however, if you wish to monitor your credit scores, you can subscribe to several credit monitoring tools, such as Credit Karma, Credit Score, and myFICO. My personal favorite is myFICO credit monitoring service which helps with quarterly credit monitoring, scores from all three bureaus, and up to $1mn identity theft insurance. But more about it in some other important article.

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How to Use DisputeBee | Step-by-Step Process for Signing and Creating Dispute

In our opinion, Credit Repair Companies charge you huge amounts and your precious time when it comes to disputing negative items or errors on your credit report. On the other hand, DisputeBee uses the same and, in fact, better dispute letters and methods to simplify the process to help you remove such entries. In our Space Shuttle Strategy, we have understood how important it is to remove such entries and what entries can be disputed, and it turns out to be one of the crucial factors in improving your credit scores.

But there are several things you will come across for the first time, as I did, in creating an account, importing credit reports, creating dispute letters, and the overall tracking and management. Let’s closely look at all the procedures in my step-by-step guide below.

How to Create an Account on DisputeBee?

To create an account on DisputeBee, you don’t need a credit card or billing information, making the account creation process easier. Sign up with your valid and accessible email account, and you are good to explore.

Here is the detailed process to sign up on DisputeBee,

  • Navigate to the DisputeBee website and click on the “Get Started” button.
  • Here, you will see the signup page, enter your valid and accessible email id and create a strong password.

    Sign up account on DisputeBee

  • Now, it is time to choose the plan – if you are DisputeBee for improving your own credit scores, select the individual plan and if you wish to run a credit repair company, select the business plan. While choosing both plans, you don’t need to enter the billing details yet, so you can play around and explore all the features.
  • Once you have chosen the plan, you will land on the DisputeBee dashboard. 

The main dashboard screen gives you a short detail about your active disputes and the number of items removed from the report. You can also find quick video tutorials about how to use the DisputeBee credit repair software if you are finding a feature hard to use.

On the left, you can find several features, such as credit reports, disputes, a letter library, video tutorials, and other help and support options. Before proceeding with the credit dispute process on DisputeBee, we will need to update our profile – tap on the “Settings” icon on the bottom left of your dashboard and update your profile with the necessary details.

How to Import a Credit Report on DisputeBee?

Importing a credit report is one of the first few steps when you wish to improve your credit scores by disputing negative items. When you import your credit report, you can analyze and pick out the entries that you haven’t made or don’t recognize. 

You can get your Annual Credit Report (one per year) for free as per the laws; however, this is inconvenient as you won’t be able to note the changes on your credit reports. Alternatively, I prefer using myFICO monthly subscription for credit monitoring and quarterly updated credit reports. However, DisputeBee is in coexistence with IdentityIQ, so you can directly get your credit report from the existing account.

If you don’t have an IdentityIQ subscription, you can take it right away and try it for 7 days at $1 only. After which, the monthly subscription for IdentityIQ would cost $21.99 per month.

But how do you import your credit report on DisputeBee once you are ready with your IdentityIQ credentials? Let’s look at it in a few simple steps,

  • On the left of your dashboard, you can find the “Credit Report” option from the menu; tap on it.
  • Here, on the next screen, you can find the simple upload process for credit reports. Sign in using your IdentityIQ username, password, and last four digits of your SSN.

    Import a credit report on DisputeBee

  • If you are not signed in, navigate to IdentityIQ and follow the process to create your account, verification, and billing. Now navigate back to the DisputeBee web application and log in using your IdentityIQ account.

    IdentityIQ Credit Report

  • Now, tap on the “Import” button, and within 2 minutes, you can find your credit report is imported and see your credit scores from all three major bureaus.

The best part about importing your credit report on DisputeBee is you can find all the types of entries organized from the three bureaus under different tabs, such as collections, late accounts, chargeoffs, and inquiries. You can also find the summary tab of all your accounts and an overview of your credit history.

How to Create a Dispute Letter on DisputeBee?

Once you have your credit report imported and analyzed all the entries, it is time to start disputing the negative items on your report. There are several options, such as collections, chargeoffs, inquiries, late payments, bankruptcies, or other entries. You can even create other dispute letters that are not listed in the dispute dashboard; let’s look at them closely.

  • Tap on the “Disputes” option from the left menu on your dashboard.
  • Now, click on the “New Dispute” button and select the type of dispute letter you wish to create. For instance, collections, inquiries, or other types of disputes.

    Create a Dispute Letter on DisputeBee

  • Once you have made the selection, you can see all the related entries on your next screen. Select the entry and choose where you wish to send the dispute letter. Here, there are three options – Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian. If the entry is not listed on the report, the credit bureau option is automatically disabled.
  • Select the dispute reason for this entry from a drop-drop option.
  • Once you have made all the selections, click on the “Next” button to create dispute letters.

Now, DisputeBee will automatically create dispute letters for you with your other personal information, such as name, address, SSN, and more. However, if you find certain errors or letters to be unsatisfying, you can always edit them on the go.

Download the letter and mail it to the credit bureau; on the DisputeBee software, click on the “sent” button to move the letter to sent letters. By doing this, DisputeBee will know what kind of follow-up letters to create on your next instance for the same entry. I find this is a totally efficient and fascinating process as the tool already knows what letter to create on your next letter creation.

How to Create Other Types of Dispute Letters on DisputeBee?

The dispute letter creation window only allows you to create dispute letters for collections, chargeoffs, inquiries, late payments, bankruptcies, or other common entries. However, for other specific negative entries such as a credit freeze, fraud alert, inquiry or collection validation, or more, you can use the “Other Letter” button from the “Disputes” dashboard. 

Here is how you can create other types of dispute letters using DisputeBee,

  • Navigate to the “Disputes” section and tap on the “Other Letter” button.

    Create Dispute Letters on DisputeBee

  • Now, select the type of letter and the credit bureau or agency where you wish to send it.

    Creating dispute letter on DisputeBee

  • On the next screen, DisputeBee credit repair software will automatically create the dispute letter for you.
  • Download the letter and then mail it to the appropriate credit bureaus. 

This makes the disputing process easier, and I have personally loved it. In fact, it is one of my top picks to start your credit repair business or want to improve your individual credit scores. 

How to Add Clients to Your DisputeBee Business Plan?

DisputeBee helps you run a credit repair business with ease, and it comes with several business features, such as a client portal, billing integration, E-contract, and much more. 

To add a client to your DisputeBee plan, here is how you can do it.

  • From the left menu of your DisputeBee dashboard, click on the “Clients” option.

    How to add a client on DisputeBee

  • Now, tap on the “+” icon to add a new client to your DisputeBee dashboard.

    Adding new clients to DisputeBee Business Software

  • Enter the basic information such as name, address, city, state, SSN, IdentityIQ credentials, and other verification documents. 

Now the client is added to your DisputeBee dashboard, and you can easily manage them and help them use the tool from the client portal application. 

How to Use the Letter Library Feature?

Dispute Letter Template on DisputeBee

You can always create your own dispute letter template when you run a credit repair business or frequently dispute your credit entries. From manually creating dispute letters from the ready-made templates to creating your own templates for later purposes, you can find it all in the letter library section.

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Here, there are letter templates for multiple rounds, dispute types, and more. So, you can tap on them and access the template for editing and future use. For additional information, you can even edit the template, add information, download them, and then send it to the respective credit bureau.

But how to create a custom dispute letter template on DisputeBee? Let’s look at it closely,

  • Navigate to the “Letter Library” section from the left menu of your DisputeBee dashboard.
  • Here, you can find the “Custom Templates” tab; click on it and then tap on the “New Custom Letter” button.

    Custom Templates on DisputeBee

  • You can now assign the name to the letter, add the recipient, type (account, inquiry, bankruptcy, or assign none), and then toggle if it is a bulk letter.

    How to Create new letter on DisputeBee

  • Now, use the variables and other dispute letter content to design your dispute letter.
  • Once done, click on the “Save” button from the bottom right of the window, and the template will be saved.

You can now instantly use this template to create your dispute letters when necessary with your specifications. To create a perfect dispute letter, you can access some of our resources below. 

How to Cancel your DisputeBee Subscription or Get a Refund?

DisputeBee is one of the best credit repair software, so once you are done with improving your scores and now wish to cancel your membership or are unsatisfied with the product, here is how you can do it. 

  • Open the DisputeBee software and log in using your credentials.
  • On the top-right of your dashboard, you can find the “My Account” option; click on it. If you cannot find it, tap on the “Settings” icon from the bottom left of your screen.
  • Here, under the billing section, you can find the currently active plan (Individual or Business).
  • Under the plan section, you can see a cancel button; tap on it, and your current subscription will be canceled.
  • Also, note that the plan can be canceled at the end of the current billing term.

How about when you are unsatisfied with the product? This is when you can ask for a refund from DisputeBee. For this, you will have to email DisputeBee, and this option is only available within 90 days from the last payment. If you ask for a refund after 90 days of your cancellation, you might not be able to make it happen. 

Also, IdentityIQ is a separate company, so your DisputeBee cancellation won’t affect the cancellation of IdentityIQ, and if you wish to do so, you will have to do it from the IdentityIQ account.

DisputeBee Features

DisputeBee credit repair software is perfect for both individuals and businesses – its primary feature is to help you automatically create dispute letters and then monitor them for changes. One of the most interesting things is you don’t have a single template for creating a dispute letter; rather, there are several letter templates based on what you are disputing and which round.

Once you send a dispute letter for the prior round and agency, the tool automatically understands what to include in the next dispute letter making it more effective, and all of this is done automatically.

Some of the most prominent/significant features of DisputeBee are – 

  • Create unlimited clients
  • Advanced dispute strategies
  • Unlimited team member accounts
  • Generate and print dispute letters in bulk
  • Custom letter templates and sequences
  • E-contract integration
  • Client Portal
  • Zapier integration
  • Intelligent letter suggester tool

Who Should Use DisputeBee Credit Repair Software?

DisputeBee is available for both individuals and businesses, which makes it one of the best for those who need better-disputing letters. If you have a long list of negative items to dispute, writing tens of dispute letters to the credit bureaus is quite time-consuming. DisputeBee can here save you a lot of time and also make tracking the dispute letters much easier.

With pre-written dispute letters, intelligent writing, and tracking, DisputeBee also stands off to be one of the best options for both individuals and businesses.

DisputeBee for Individuals

Individual users can use DisputeBee to make their entire credit repair process more comforting and easier. It allows you to send automated dispute letters to,

  • Bureaus
  • Collectors
  • Inquiries
  • Med debt
  • Payments
  • Bankruptcy
  • Other collections and agencies

Only generating and sending dispute letters is now what DisputeBee does; you can even track your letters, unlike manually doing it with penning down and mailing letters to all three bureaus.

Credit Repair Business with DisputeBee

One of the best things about DisputeBee is not only individuals, but businesses can also use DisputeBee to its full potential. With the business plan, you can add unlimited team members and create unlimited clients under a budgeted option.

Here are the quick business plan features,

  • Add unlimited team members
  • Create unlimited clients
  • Advanced dispute strategies
  • Generate letters in bulk 
  • Print letters in bulk
  • Send mail [USPS] via API
  • Custom letter templates and sequences
  • E-contract integration
  • Client Portal
  • Zapier integration
  • Client billing integration

With advanced dispute strategies and training, you get to manage your clients much easier. The business plan allows you to generate bulk dispute letters, print them all together, and even send emails via the API system. This makes DisputeBee a much better credit cum disputing software for businesses.

DisputeBee also helps you create and use custom letter templates, as a single script does not work for everything. Your dispute letter should always be a little different but accurate to what you are disputing and proof which can be done with a couple of unique and working dispute letters.

Now, let’s just address the elephant in the room; managing clients.

If you have dozens and more clients to handle in your credit repair business, DisputeBee is just the software you need. It allows you to integrate e-contracts and also have a client portal to manage them better. Moreover, there is also a Zapier integration for ease in billing, and you can also later do client billing integration to arrange all the billings in a single tab.

DisputeBee Pricing – Individual and Business Plan

DisputeBee offers two pricing modes – individual and business plans, and both of these plans are perfect for their purposes.

The individual plan costs you $49.00/Mo and gives you limited yet sufficient features to remove negative entries and improve your credit scores. 

The plan features creating and sending dispute letters to bureaus, collectors, inquiries, medical debts, payments, bankruptcies, and other collection agencies. It also allows you to create custom templates with the “Intelligent Letter Writing tool” and letter tracking.

On the other hand, the business plan costs you $129.00/Mo and gives you the perfect tools to start your credit repair business. Some of the significant features that you only get with the business plan on DisputeBee are creating unlimited clients and team accounts, bulk letter generation and printing, client portals, billing integration, custom letter templates, and much more. 

You can also change the membership plan from individual to business or vice versa, and it is best to do at the end of the current billing term. This also applies to cancellation policies, meaning your membership or subscription will only cancel once the active billing period is completed. 

For more information on cancellation policies and refunds on DisputeBee, you can read the terms of services. You can also connect with support by clicking on the “help” icon from the left of your dashboard.

Choose a Plan


$49 / month

  • Import credit reports with ease
  • Support all three bureaus
  • Send personal disputes to bureaus, collectors, inquiries, med debt, payments, bankruptcies, and other collection agencies
  • Pre-written custom letter templates
  • Create your own custom letter templates
  • Intelligent letter suggestion tool


$129 / month

  • Add unlimited team members and create unlimited clients
  • Advanced dispute strategies
  • Bulk generate and print letters
  • Send mail via API [USPS]
  • Custom letter templates and sequences
  • E-contract integration
  • Dedicated client portal
  • Zapier integration
  • Client billing integration and other tools

DisputeBee Training

Having a tool is not enough when you want to start a credit repair business. DisputeBee credit repair software offers dispute training and other resources.

You can access the training and resources from the home page of DisputeBee software or access video tutorials from the dashboard of your account. Most interestingly, if you are on an individual plan, you can only find video tutorials related to the features offered by the individual plan. 

Likewise, when you access the video tutorial library from the dashboard of the business plan, you will find step-by-step guides for all the business features. This helps running a credit repair business or individual score improvement a much easy to-understand process by decluttering videos and sticking to only what is needed. We are also impressed with the step-by-step video tutorials made by the founder of DisputeBee, Lee Schmidt, who made it much simpler for DisputeBee users for both personal and professional use.

Support and Help on DisputeBee

When you subscribe to tools and software that can directly impact your credit scores and history, it becomes important that you have good support and help section.

Thankfully, in our search, we found DisputeBee to offer much better support to help you with technical or other issues related to your credit improvements. 

You can access the help and support from the left bottom menu of your DisputeBee dashboard and then open the support chat. Moreover, if you want to directly contact the support team via email, you can do that too with the given email address – support@disputebee.com.

DisputeBee Alternatives

ToolServicePrimary FeaturesPricingResource
Credit Repair CloudSoftware to run a credit repair businessImport online credit reports, CRM features, payment integration, one-click credit audit, and much moreStart Plan – $179/Mo
Grow Plan – $299/Mo
Scale Plan – $399/Mo
Enterprise – $599/Mo
Learn More
Credit Hero ChallengeCourse to learn credit repair
Unlimited interventions, affordable monthly prices, free consultation with experts, and more
$47 – One-time paymentLearn More
Credit SaintCredit repair companyUnlimited challenges and disputes, 90-day money-back guarantee, more than 16+ years of experienceSetup fee – $99-$195
Monthly Fee – $80-$120
Learn More
The Credit PeopleA company that fixes your credit scoresCertified FCRA, free credit scores and reports, low monthly fees, debt validation, and more$79/Mo
Flat rate – $419/6 months
Learn More
Credit FirmCredit repair company
Unlimited interventions, affordable monthly price, free consultation with experts, and more
Individual – $49.99/Mo
Couple – $89.99/Mo
Learn More

Is DisputeBee Legit?

Yes, DisputeBee is legit software and follows all the laws of FCRA and CROA. Moreover, this credit repair software is used by thousands of credit repair business owners in the United States of America.

The prime focus of DisputeBee is to do dispute writing and follow-up easily, which does not violate any laws.

Does DisputeBee Work?

DisputeBee is one of the best software for credit repair, and you can manage your clients in a much better way and create automated dispute letters for them. 

It also saves time when you want to create disputes in bulk or track existing disputes. In our DisputeBee review, we also want to mention that it is one of the best dispute generator and tracker software at an affordable price compared to combined alternative tools.

If you are a credit repair business owner, you’ll find DisputeBee to work like magic. We find it one of the best choices in the credit repair industry.

Who Should Get DisputeBee?

DisputeBee helps save time as it automatically creates dispute letters and club disputes to the same bureaus. It is great if you have a lot of dispute letters to file, and honestly, it is rare to get disputes cleared in the first few go. So, it is ideal for individuals to get the DisputeBee software and generate as many dispute letters as they wish.

However, if you have only a couple of dispute letters to send, don’t spend much on this software and write a perfect dispute letter on your own.

The credit repair business is trending as a side income as it generates good profit. However, the dispute writing process is hard when you have to write hundreds of dispute letters for your clients. You can make this process easier by simply switching to the business plan of DisputeBee.

There are a couple of features from Credit Repair Cloud that we wish DisputeBee made available on its platform. For instance, DisputeBee misses out on actually sending the dispute letter that Credit Repair Cloud has introduced with the 2.0 version. The Credit Repair Cloud also features team chat, free exhaustive resources, white labeling of the tool, and much more. 

It is overall a great platform as a credit repair business software with automated and professional dispute management features.

DisputeBee is suited for both individuals and business owners and helps you greatly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is DisputeBee Worth?

DisputeBee is useful because it saves time by creating automated dispute letters. Moreover, it is a great addition to your credit repair business with integrations such as E-Contract, Zapier, and Client portal.

Do you need a license to run a credit repair business?

No, you don’t need to have a credit repair business license, but it is beneficial to have one from your state license board. Additionally, your state may force a license compulsion; get a word with your attorney before starting the business.

Is DisputeBee legitimate?

Yes, DisputeBee is a legitimate, powerful, and reliable credit repair software. It helps you create automated dispute letters, and the intelligent letter suggestion makes the disputing process easier.

Does DisputeBee work?

Yes, DisputeBee works perfectly and makes it easier with the disputing process for individuals. Besides, DisputeBee is one of the best credit repair software for credit repair business owners.

Frequently Bought Together

Starting a Credit Repair Business is not easy and needs you to have access to some of the best tools. Here are frequently bought-together tools to kickstart your credit repair business.

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What Do Other Customers Say About DisputeBee?

The above guide taught us how to use DisputeBee and my experience with the tool. But just don’t take my word alone. Here are some reviews about DisputeBee from different users where they have appreciated using the software.

However, not all reviews are positive; one of the reviews on “BBB” pointed out a complaint on how DisputeBee did not help to remove entries from the credit report. Later, the support staff pointed out that the user did not dispute valid or correct items from the credit report, which was the reason why the entries were not removed.

This is not the only instance when DisputeBee faced a backlash, one of the existing users loved using DisputeBee as a product but did not appreciate the long turnaround time from the support staff. Later, the user canceled the membership as no positive removal from the credit report was found.

Do you have your own experience to share with this tool? Send it to us right away, and we will publish it.

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Our Verdict – DisputeBee Review

DisputeBee works perfectly for disputing negative items and is one of the must-have credit repair software. The software comes with training and educational videos that make it easy to use it. 

The business plan is perfect for starting a credit repair business, and the individual plan helps you generate credit dispute letters with ease. With features such as E-Contract, unlimited team members and client creation, custom templates, billing, and much more, the business plan fulfills most aspects of starting a credit repair business.

The dashboard is simple to use, with all the features directly accessible from the dashboard of your screen, and switching between plans and getting a refund is also easier.

Credit report importing could have been easier and much more flexible with multiple options other than IdentityIQ, as it requires a separate subscription, and many users might not like the service. Also, a lot of other users might find cheaper options to get updated credit reports with services.

If you are starting a credit repair business, you will also need several other features and not just letter generation features and client portals. For instance, credit repair cloud software gives you much better team features and client management utilities.

DisputeBee Review: Overall, DisputeBee is perfect for creating and tracking dispute letters, but if you are not finding results for a long time, you can always switch to DisputeBee alternatives. Remember, credit disputing takes a long time and does not remove valid disputes in a single letter; you will have to send multiple letters for particular entries.

Raise disputes on credit report using DisputeBee

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