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When you start your credit repair business, it is important to know how to write dispute letters and make a call to remove those disputes. But if you are a total newbie or an experienced professional who wants to save time, you can use this automated dispute management tool/Credit Repair Software. This post will review DisputeBee and learn how to use DisputeBee to create dispute letters.

DisputeBee Features

  • Automated
  • Client Portal
  • Support all three bureaus.
  • Pre-Written Letter templates and dispute process tracker.
  • Add unlimited clients and team members.
  • Automated dispute letter and bulk letter generation.
  • Intelligent Letter Suggester
  • Dispute collection, bureaus, collectors, inquiries, payments, med debts, and more.

What is DisputeBee?

DisputeBee review

DisputeBee is an automated CRM dispute software that allows the user to create and track disputes. As a beginner, you might have a little knowledge about what a dispute means in credit repair, if not. Let me explain it to you.

When you audit a credit report, you might find certain negative information or entries you haven’t made. This includes collections, credit inquiries, late payments, bankruptcies, medical debt, and more. So, you have to report a dispute to the respective credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax, or TransUnion), who have listed them. In the dispute letter, we mention the error with supporting evidence and ask the credit bureau to recheck and remove the item.

But how to write a dispute letter? Here is when DisputeBee comes into the picture.

Once you have audited the credit report, you can combine similar negative entries and create an automated letter directly mailed to the respective bureaus. You don’t have to write letters for individual disputes manually; instead, using DisputeBee, combine the disputes of a single bureau, and the letter is automatically written for you.

How to Use DisputeBee?

Okay, you have understood what the DisputeBee software is; we will now learn how to use DisputeBee and create dispute letters.

Requirement – IdentityIQ credentials

Video Source: DisputeBee

Step 1 – Setting Up DisputeBee

  • Open DisputeBee on your PC and log in using your user credentials.
  • You will be presented with an interactive dashboard with all the tools and features. Click on the Settings button from the left side menu to fill in your basic information. Also, scroll down and fill in your IdentityIQ information to get started.
  • Now, click on the credit report option from the left side menu to start auditing the credit reports. We will have to import the credit report using the upload button.

    Bonus tip: You can get your credit report for free on the Annual Credit Report (One per year).

  • Once imported and audited, items along with the credit scores from all three bureaus are displayed on your dashboard. We will now identify the negative items, and if we find any, we need to raise disputes.

Annual Credit Report only allows one free credit report every year; if you need constant monitoring and update, here is the best alternative –

Get 3-bureau reports (updated quarterly) + 24×7 Credit and Identity monitoring + $1m Identity Theft Insurance ($29.95/Mo)

Step 2 – How to Raise Dispute using DisputeBee

  • Open DisputeBee software.
  • Click on the dispute option from the left side menu and select the source. In our example, we will select the credit report as the source since we have already imported and audited it.
  • We will select the dispute option among all the three credit bureaus from the list of all the credit entries.
  • Once we have done selecting, click on the Next button to review the entries we have selected for disputes. This helps us realize if we have selected the right bureau and the right entry to create a dispute letter.
  • Click on “Create Disputes Now,” and you will be directed to a new page where we can start creating dispute letters. 

Step 3 – The Final Step

  • Select all the disputes you want to club into a single letter and then click on “Create Letters Now. 
  • You can now find an automated letter ready to print and mail to the respective credit bureau. You can also use the pen icon to edit any changes in the letter if you wish to.
  • This information is taken from the basic profile information form we filled in the second step. Once you are satisfied with the dispute letter, download it and mail it to the respective credit bureau.

Pros and Cons | DisputeBee Review

Just like any other software, DisputeBee also has some pros and cons. The software though features to be the best, the business plan may sound pricy; Especially, when you less number of clients.

Comparatively, the individual features are limited at some points but overall it is a great and worthy shot to take.

Cons are not the only ones, there are a lot of pros to using DisputeBee Credit Repair Software. The automated feature, intelligent letter suggester, and bulk letter generator are great and our favorite.


  • Supports all three bureaus
  • Personal Disputes to Bureaus and Collectors
  • Intelligent letter suggester
  • Advanced dispute strategies
  • Automated dispute letter
  • Dispute Collections, Process Tracker, Credit Inquiries, Late Payments, and Bankruptcies


  • Pricy
  • Limited features in the individual plan

Pricing | DisputeBee Review

Credit repair is one of the most engaging and profitable businesses and on the other hand, fixing credit repair on its own is not easy. So, anyone who wants to boost their credit scores or build a credit repair company can use DisputeBee.

Here are some of the features for both individual and business use that might consider before using DisputeBee.

Individual Use

Price: $39 / per month

  • Import credit reports with ease
  • Support all three bureaus
  • Send personal disputes to
    • Bureaus
    • Collectors
    • Inquiries
    • Med debt
    • Payments
    • Bankruptcy
    • Other collections agencies
  • Pre-written letter templates
  • intelligent letter suggester tool

Business Use

Price: $99 / per month

  • Add unlimited team members
  • Create unlimited clients
  • Advanced dispute strategies
  • Bulk generate letters
  • Bulk print letters
  • Send mail via API
  • Custom letter templates
  • Custom letter sequences
  • E-contract integration
  • Client portal
  • Zapier integration
  • Client billing integration

The individual plan is fairly justifiable, and you don’t get many tools to access it. The price is a bit high because you don’t have to create many dispute letters. But if you are concerned about fixing your credit score and removing the negative entries, you have to sign up for the DisputeBee Program.

The Business plan is great if you are a growing client repair business; it includes all the advanced tools and strategies that make your work easier. Moreover, you can add unlimited members to the team and provide a client portal, which is an advantage of the private label.

DisputeBee Training

disputebee credit repair

Having a tool is not enough when you want to start a credit repair business. DisputeBee credit repair software offers dispute training and other resources.

Though you have sufficient Youtube videos on how to use DisputeBee, there are some other resources available that make it easy to use the tool. You get access to these resources when you buy the DisputeBee software.

These resources consist of step-by-step videos on how to send dispute letters and efficiently use DisputeBee.

Is DisputeBee Legit?

Yes, DisputeBee is legit software and follows all the laws of FCRA and CROA. Moreover, this credit repair software is used by thousands of credit repair business owners in the United States of America.

The prime focus of DisputeBee is to make dispute writing and following up easy which does not violate any laws.

Does DisputeBee Work?

DisputeBee is one of the best software for credit repair, you can manage your clients in a much better way and create automated dispute letters for them. It also saves time when you want to create disputes in bulk or track the existing disputes. In our DisputeBee review, we also want to mention that it is one of the best dispute generator and tracker software at an affordable price.

If you are a credit repair business owner, you’ll find DisputeBee to work like magic. We find it one of the best choices in the credit repair industry.

Who Should Get DisputeBee?

DisputeBee helps save time as it automatically creates dispute letters and club disputes to the same bureaus. It is great if you have a lot of dispute letters to file and honestly, it is rare to get disputes cleared in the first few go. So, it is ideal for individuals to get the DisputeBee software and generate as many dispute letters as they wish.

However, if you have only a couple of dispute letters to send, don’t spend much on this software and write a perfect dispute letter on your own.

The credit repair business is trending as a side income as it generates good profit. However, the dispute writing process is hard when you have to write hundreds of dispute letters for your clients. You can make this process easier by simply clicking on the business plan of DisputeBee.

The only regret is you have to give a manual follow-up on every dispute letter which is a tedious task. However, it is overall a great platform as a credit repair business software with automated and professional dispute management features.

DisputeBee is suited for both individuals and business owners and helps you in a great way.

DisputeBee Alternatives | DisputeBee Review

credit hero challenge
private label credit repair software

Credit Repair Cloud

Credit Repair Cloud is an industry-dominant and growing company that helps Entrepreneurs start their credit repair businesses. It offers software, systems, and strategies to start your own credit repair business.

When you join Credit Repair Cloud, you get free training. In this training, you are taught how to bring more clients, improve credit scores, and generate revenue.

Frequently Bought Together

Starting a Credit Repair Business is not easy and needs you to have access to some of the best tools. Here are frequently bought together tools to kickstart your credit repair business.

MyFico | Credit Monitoring

Credit Hero Challenge

Frequent Questions:

DisputeBee is useful because it saves time by creating automated dispute letters. Moreover, it is a great addition to your credit repair business with integrations such as E-Contract, Zapier, and Client portal.

No, you don’t need to have a credit repair business license, but it is beneficial to have one from your state license board. Additionally, your state may force a license compulsion; get a word with your attorney before starting the business.

Yes, DisputeBee is a legitimate, powerful, and reliable credit repair software. It helps you create automated dispute letters and the intelligent letter suggester makes the disputing process easier.

Yes, DisputeBee works perfectly and makes it easier with the disputing process for the individuals. Besides, DisputeBee is one of the best credit repair software for credit repair business owners.

Conclusion – DisputeBee Review

DisputeBee works perfectly for disputing negative items and is one of the must-have credit repair software. The software comes with training and educational videos that make it easy for using it. If you are planning to launch your credit repair business, you need to know the problems associated with it. You cannot manually write hundreds of dispute letters, let DisputeBee do the job for you.

Let’s Boost the Credit Disputing Process

The credit repair process can be smoothened by powerful guides like “The Space Shuttle Strategy,” which we recently curated for our audience. Guess what? We are planning to publish a more exhaustive and doable guide, to get early access.

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