Is DisputeBee a Legit Credit Repair Software?

Disputing negative items is one of the crucial and efficient ways to improve your credit scores. And DisputeBee helps you with automating this process with its letter-generating tools. But is DisputeBee legit? Should you be investing in this self-guided credit repair tool? And can you actually run a credit repair business with DisputeBee? Well, there are a lot of questions, and this should be a helpful guide for you.

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What is DisputeBee, and How it Works?

DisputeBee is an online tool that helps you generate dispute letters for negative items (both individually and in bulk) and then helps you track them. 

It is pretty simple to use; you first get your IdentityIQ subscription, get your credit reports, and then add them to your DisputeBee dashboard. The tool then lets you pick the entries you feel shouldn’t belong to your credit reports and then helps you with generating credit dispute letters respective to the credit bureaus.

The intelligent letter suggestion tool drafts an entire letter for you, and as a user, you can always make changes to the letter, add or delete some information, and once done, you can print the letters for mailing.

That’s it; hereafter, you need to physically or electronically mail these letters to the bureaus and track their performance. Business users get an option to send dispute emails via USPS API, which is pretty handy when you have a lot of clients onboard.

There are additional features enjoyed by the business users, such as E-contract integration, a dedicated client portal, adding team members, client billing integrations, like Zapier, and much more. Overall, DisputeBee offers a lot for those who want to start a credit repair business.

DisputeBee Overview

  • Create unlimited clients
  • Advanced dispute strategies
  • Unlimited team member accounts
  • Generate and print dispute letters in bulk
  • Custom letter templates and sequences
  • E-contract integration
  • Client Portal
  • Zapier integration
  • Intelligent letter suggester tool

Overall Rating:

4 star rating
4 star rating
4 star rating
4 star rating

DisputeBee is an automated credit repair software that helps you create and track dispute letters. It is available for both individuals and professional services, such as starting a credit repair business.

Overall, the tool is a perfect addition to starting a credit repair business with the right set of business integrations such as billing, client portals, unlimited clients and team accounts, custom templates, and more. Though the price is a little high given the features and requires an additional subscription to IdentityIQ, you can still opt for other options, such as Credit Repair Cloud.


  • Support all three bureaus
  • Intelligent letter suggester
  • Automated dispute letter
  • Create disputes with bureaus and collectors for inquiries, collections, late payments, and more
  • Easy cancellation and refund


  • A little costly
  • Needs IdentityIQ subscription
  • No other way to import credit reports other than IdentityIQ
  • Could have more business tools

Best DisputeBee Alternative

Best Credit Repair Software

Credit Repair Cloud is the best alternative to DisputeBee to start a credit repair business or improve your credit scores. It is an industry-dominant and growing company that helps entrepreneurs start their credit repair businesses. It offers software, systems, and strategies to start your own credit repair business.

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Is DisputeBee a Legit Credit Repair Business Tool?

Yes, DisputeBee LLC is a legit credit repair tool.

Founded by Lee Schmidt in 2018, DisputeBee is a Fintech headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It is a legal entity, and as per Crunchbase, it is a private company; here are all the available contact details,

Contact: 855-806-8439


Mailing address: 

DisputeBee LLC

740 4th St N

STE 332

St. Petersburg, FL 33701

United States

DisputeBee also has several positive reviews on various platforms from real users who have made the best out of this credit repair tool. You can learn more about the platform in this detailed review guide on DisputeBee Credit Repair Software.

DisputeBee is a fair credit repair software that focuses mainly on factual disputes, such as dispute letters. It does not promise a high credit score or promote itself by violating major credit and telecom laws. Of course, one of the things is you need to pay the subscription price upfront, but if you look at it, it’s mainly a letter generator tool that basically does that job.

Of course, with the business plan, you get the tools for client billing, a dedicated dashboard, and e-contract integrations. In my opinion, DisputeBee helps you craft more efficient credit dispute letters that help you take a stand against negative entries. The platform has a great set of templates and helps you set up a business to generate credit dispute letters.

Learn With Credit Repair Course

Credit Repair Cloud has launched its “Start Repairing Credit” challenge, which is a 5-day course to learn how to improve credit scores and create your own credit repair business from scratch.

Does DisputeBee Actually Work?

Credit Repair Software DisputeBee Review

But does DisputeBee actually work? Factual disputes or dispute letters, in general, are the legal way to get off any negative item from your credit report. So, if there is an entry on your credit report that does not belong to you, the only possible way to get it off is either by contacting the creditor or approaching the bureaus to remove them.

With DisputeBee, you can craft efficient letters that clearly state your problem, let you attach your evidence, and you can then send them to the credit bureaus. There is no solidarity that your credit dispute letter gets approved, be it crafted from DisputeBee or any other platform or even written by yourself. But with DisputeBee, you get a clear template and get higher chances of getting your credit dispute letters approved, at least in a couple of tries.

So, yes, DisputeBee does work for those who want to manage their credit dispute letters, both individually and in business. With the business plan, managing credit letters for your clients becomes easier, which is great when there are tens and hundreds of letters to manage.

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Understanding the Limits of DisputeBee

DisputeBee is a good credit repair software, but it comes with its own limitations. There are a few things I think DisputeBee can improve on, such as allowing users to import their credit reports from various sources and not just IdentityIQ, which requires an additional subscription. Also, users might be already investing in a credit monitoring tool, like myFICO, Credit Karma, or from the bureaus themselves and wouldn’t want to change their subscription.

Another dislike for me is the lack of automation in the individual plan; just like a business plan, it would be great to include sending dispute emails via USPS API and tracking the response directly on the dashboard. Tools like Credit Repair Cloud do that in some capacity, which I believe is a great input for DisputeBee to work on.

DisputeBee, as a dispute letter generator, is one of the best, but if you want to consider it for running a credit repair business, there are a few other options with more integrated tools to track and operate a credit repair business. 

With the blog or knowledgebase, you can gain great insights into how to craft a perfect 609 letter or dispute letter to creditors or any credit dispute letter in general. But if it came with a dedicated credit repair course, like the Start Repairing Credit Challenge, it would be more awesome. Hopefully, DisputeBee will come with a dedicated credit repair course in the future.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is DisputeBee, and how does it work?

DisputeBee is an online tool that automates the process of generating dispute letters for negative items on your credit reports. It helps you track these disputes and offers additional features for credit repair business owners.

Is DisputeBee a legitimate and trustworthy service?

Yes, DisputeBee is a legitimate credit repair tool founded in 2018. It has positive reviews from real users and operates as a legal entity based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Does DisputeBee actually work for credit repair?

Yes, DisputeBee helps you craft efficient dispute letters to address inaccuracies on your credit reports. While there are no guarantees, it increases the likelihood of getting disputes approved.

What are the limits of DisputeBee?

DisputeBee is mainly designed to work with IdentityIQ credit reports, and additional subscriptions may be required. It lacks some automation features in the individual plan, but the business plan offers more integrated tools.

Can I use DisputeBee to start a credit repair business?

Yes, DisputeBee offers business plans with tools for managing credit repair for clients, including e-contract integrations and a dedicated client portal.

Is there an alternative to DisputeBee for running a credit repair business?

Yes, Credit Repair Cloud is an alternative option with more integrated tools and features for tracking and operating a credit repair business.

How effective are dispute letters in improving my credit score?

Dispute letters are a legal way to address inaccuracies in your credit reports. While results may vary, they can increase the chances of removing negative entries.

Can DisputeBee help me improve my credit score individually?

Yes, DisputeBee’s letter-generating tools can assist you in disputing negative items on your credit reports and potentially improve your credit score.

Are there any additional resources or courses offered by DisputeBee?

DisputeBee offers a blog or knowledge base with insights on crafting effective dispute letters. However, there is currently no dedicated credit repair course like the Start Repairing Credit Challenge.

Wrapping up: Is DisputeBee Legitimate Credit Repair Tool?

Yes, DisputeBee is a registered and value-adding credit repair tool; it helps you generate dispute letters that have higher chances of getting approved. The tool helps users generate and manage multiple dispute letters for all three credit bureaus. Moreover, business users also get added tools such as E-contract and billing integration, a dedicated dashboard, advanced dispute strategies, and more.

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