Credit Hero Challenge Review – The Best 14 Days Credit Repair Course?

Credit repair is not an easy task; it is exhausting, but only when you do it manually. With the help of software like Credit Repair Cloud, managing credit repair business becomes easier. But what is Credit Hero Challenge? Why is there so much hype about it?

Credit Hero Challenge is a 14 days course that helps you start your own credit repair business with results. This might sound crazy, but a crash course for starting a credit repair business? I thought the same because I had access to the Credit Repair Cloud software and all I need to do was get some clients.

My myths broke when I got my private label credit repair software but could not convert any clients for weeks. This was when Credit Hero Challenge, which is associated with Credit Repair Cloud, helped me out.

What is Credit Hero Challenge?

Credit Hero Challenge is a part of Credit Repair Cloud and is a well-designed 14 days course to start, grow and escalate your own credit repair business. The course teaches you how to use the Credit Repair Cloud software, get your first few clients, how to fix credit scores, and, finally, how to escalate the credit repair business constantly.

There is one of the greater advantages of taking the Credit Hero Challenge; You get certified. Though there is no need to have a certificate to start a credit repair business (legally), a certified private credit repair company can gain the clients’ trust and have a piece of good knowledge on how to fix credit repair fast or quickly.

With Credit Hero, you get two certificates; a credit repair business certificate and a dispute training certificate. Besides, the pricing of the Credit Hero Challenge is minimal.

When starting a credit repair business, it is important to know how to dispute and what to dispute. Besides, one should know how to write a perfect dispute letter that works. Then, either you can use the 100+ dispute templates included with Credit Repair Cloud or use DisputeBee software. This software allows you to merge and automate the dispute writing process for individual credit bureaus or creditors.

You can read how to set up DisputeBee for Business here.

Credit Hero teaches you the roots and advanced strategies on how to fix credit repair for your clients. Alternatively, there are dozens of industry-made strategies that may work for some and not for others. We, too, have an Exhaustive How to Fix Credit Repair Strategy known as “The Space Shuttle Strategy” that helps you correctly work on how to fix credit scores.

Merge The Space Shuttle Strategy with Credit Hero to see much Faster Growth in Your White Label Credit Repair Business.

Daniel Rosen

Daniel Rosen – The Founder of Credit Repair Cloud + Credit Hero Challenge

Daniel Rosen is the founder of Credit Repair Cloud and the man behind Credit Heroes.

Apart from Credit Repair, Daniel Rosen is an inventor, author, keynote speaker, investor and advisor. He has appeared on “The Tonight Show,” “Good Morning America,” CNN and more.

Daniel and the entire team of Credit Repair Cloud experts curated the Credit Hero to help individuals start their side hustle and earn good money. As a result, many of them become millionaires themselves and are recognized with awards at their annual Credit Repair Expo.

How Much Does Credit Hero Challenge Cost?

There is no doubt Credit Hero is one of the best credit repair crash courses; but how much does this 14 days expert coaching cost?

Let’s take a wild guess; $1500? or even a little more, over $2000?

Credit Hero is an exhaustive credit business coaching. This includes free material worth $1806 and one-to-one guidance from the credit experts.

And to everyone’s surprise, The Credit Hero Challenge only costs $47.

Yes, The credit hero challenge costs only $47 with all the perks included. In addition, this minimal investment can be retrieved with your first few clients that Credit Hero helps you get. So, basically, you are paying almost nothing, and in exchange, you get a credit repair business certificate and disputing certificate.

At the end of the 14 Days Credit Hero Challenge, you will be able to –

  • Get your first client within 24 hours.
  • Build a solid foundation for a real business.
  • Read and consult on a credit report like a pro.
  • Onboard new customers.
  • Get testimonials that do the selling for you & so much more.

Full Refund Policy – 100%

The Credit Hero creators are clear and transparent. If you are not satisfied with the Credit Hero Challenge, you can return the kit within 30 days and get a full refund of $47 in your account. This is what makes it different from other credit repair business courses or challenges.

Credit Repair Kit by Credit Hero

credit hero kit

When you join the Credit Hero, you get a special kit worth $1807 included with the $47 challenge. Here is what the Credit Hero Kit contains –

  • 14 days of credit repair business start-up training (Value: $997, included)
  • Fast track credit repair business roadmap (Value: $97, included)
  • Credit repair business workbook (Value: $72, included)
  • Unfair advantage credit repair cheat sheets (Value: $49, included)
  • Bonus #1: Credit repair course certifications (Value: $197, included)
  • Bonus #2: How Millionaires club winners grew their business to 7 figures (Value: $394, included)

1. 14 Days Credit Repair Business Start-Up Training

The 14 days credit repair business start-up training gives you a set of step-by-step training videos. Using these training videos, Daniel (Founder & CEO) and Corey (Credit Repair Expert) give you over-the-shoulder guidance.

Besides, the 14 days of training is based on workflow modules; every day, each module has a new task. Upon completing the task, you get a completion certificate to boost your confidence and help you improve and learn more.

2. Fast Track Credit Repair Business Roadmap

does credit hero work?

Learning without a roadmap can misguide you. Daniel and his team know about this and which is why they give you a roadmap to start your credit repair business in a guided and destined way.

With the Credit Hero kit, you also get access to a step-by-step infographic roadmap. This infographic helps you to know exactly what to do, how to do it, and all the milestones along the way.

3. Workbook

The credit repair business workbook is the right place to pen down your business ideas or scribble your thoughts.

When watching an online training, it is important to note down what works best for you and how you will accomplish it. Maybe you have an instant idea to scale your business or want to write down a list of To-Do’s for your credit repair business; a credit repair business workbook is what you need today, tomorrow, and forever.


4. Advance Cheat Sheet

credit repair guide

Everyone wants to fix their credit scores quickly and fast but knows less about the secrets of doing it.

Yes, there is an advanced cheat sheet that you can use along with our Space Shuttle Strategy to fix your credit scores fast.

In a credit repair business, everyone wants to see quick results, or you lose the clients. Use these to ensure your clients are happy and generate more and more clients to scale your business.

Bonus #1: Credit Repair Course Certifications

It is no compulsion to be certified to start a credit repair business, but it helps to gain your clients’ trust and makes you efficient in fixing credit scores.

Proper certified training will help you increase your client base faster than other private label credit repair businesses.

Upon completion of Credit Hero Challenge, you get three certificates –

  • CRC Software Certificate
  • Basic Disputing Certificate
  • Credit Hero Challenge Certificate

In addition, you will also receive 3 Certification Badges for your Linkedin Profile, so potential affiliates will see you’re the go-to expert in credit repair.

Bonus #2: How Our Millionaires Club Winners Grew Their Business To 7 Figures | Graduation Training

credit repair cloud review

Credit Repair Cloud has generated more than 38 Millionaires, and all this with the help of the right mentoring.

With the 1% of Credit Repair Cloud, the millionaires share exclusive tips on scaling their credit repair business with Credit Repair Cloud and Credit Hero Challenge.

This graduation training is available for free with the Credit Hero and all the other items in the Credit Hero kit.

What 14 Days of Credit Hero Teach You?

Once you enrol for the 14 days workshop on Credit Hero, here is exactly what Daniel and his expert team will help you achieve –

  • Get your first client within 24 hours
  • ​Easily repair your and your client’s credit
  • ​Read a credit report
  • ​Fully understand the credit system
  • ​Identify common reporting errors
  • ​Send letters to the credit bureaus that get results
  • ​Follow a simple step by step credit repair checklist
  • ​Build a solid foundation for a REAL business
  • ​Onboard new customers
  • ​Get testimonials that do the selling for you
  • ​How to create an audit report
  • ​How to help your clients to pull their credit report
  • ​Automate work flows for maximum efficiency
  • ​Build your confidence AND instill confidence in your clients
  • ​Approach friends and family without being ‘salesy’
  • ​Help your neighbors and coworkers
  • ​Get friends, family, and clients to refer business to you
  • ​Attract paying clients using our magnetic “Attraction Techniques”
  • ​Position yourself as the go-to Credit Expert in your market
  • ​Consult like a pro

Is Credit Hero Legit?

credit repair cloud review
Yes, Credit Hero Challenge and Credit Repair Cloud are both legit and trusted by thousands of active members around the world. Credit Repair Cloud has 17K+ active users and have top ratings. 

Credit Hero Challenge is the most effective credit repair course. It does not focus on selling courses but on making you knowledgeable about starting your credit repair business.

It is also why Credit Hero offers 30 days money-back guarantee and offers complete support. Once you enroll for the credit hero, you have direct mentorship from the founder and experts through videos and get live video calls. Through this, you can ask any questions or doubts related to credit repair or how to start your credit repair business.

You can also read what the 1046 users have to say about Credit Repair Cloud on Trustpilot. Besides, the total rating of Credit Repair Cloud on Trustpilot is 4.5/5, which is the best than any other credit repair course.

Reviews & Testimonials

The credit hero challenge was AMAZINGGG!!!! I learned so much through the videos and text. Also, they provide so many cheat sheets to help be successful. Love it.
Ashley Morgan
This credit hero challenged has changed my perspective on business ownership. I was rather skeptical, wondering what they had to offer, I was blown away by the support system in place and how easily I could get clients, I knew right away that with this kind of mentorship and my drive to succeed and the market for our services, that the sky was the limit. If you want to fire your boss, get started with this challenge today, it will change your life.
Sandia Bax
hi my name is roger wright I’m from Ohio, the credit repair cloud challenge was amazing I learned so much from the course, I’m confident that I can now help myself and others repair their credit discrepancies.
I just want to say, “WOW!” This training was amazing. I learned so much in these 2 weeks. still can’t believe that the challenge was less than $50.I think it’s worth so much more. I just want to say thank you to Dan and all the other staff at CRC.
Courtney Shanae

Space Shuttle Strategy + Credit Hero Challenge | The Ultimate Combination

Space Shuttle Strategy is one of the best credit repair guides to fix your credit scores soon and above 700. Using it with the Credit Hero challenge along with the space shuttle strategy may boost and scale your credit repair business; it is the ultimate combination.

What makes Space Shuttle Strategy different from other credit repair guides?

The Space Shuttle Strategy is a systematic and broad credit repair guide that discusses everything about credit repair step-by-step. It is curated by studying dozens of credit repair experts and their knowledge in a single guide.

We think it is the best combination for fixing credit scores quickly and fast.

Conclusion | Credit Hero Challenge

Credit Hero challenge is the #1 credit repair crash course/training/workshop; give it any name; the point is, it works. There is no doubt on the quality of the training, and it reflects in the 38 and growing credit repair millionaires. The training teaches you how to use the credit repair cloud tool, set up, grow, and scale your private label credit repair business.

The Credit Hero Challenge goes live each week; So, if you have missed out on this week’s challenge, do give it a shot next week; it is as minimal as $47 that could turn you into a growing millionaire.

Are you a credit hero yet? No? Join the challenge.